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We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.           - Ray Bradbury, science fiction writer

2008 Webinar Write-Brained Notions in a Left-Brained World
Randi Mayes offers advice on improving the quality of your writing, looking at the common mistakes people make in grammar, style, and punctuation and showing how to avoid them.  The slides from this one hour webinar may be found here, and Randi has also compiled a useful guide identifying Errors with Commonly Used Words.
2008 Conference Building Better Webinars
Anita Evans and LeAnn Davidson share their experience in producing and presenting better e-learning programs with an emphasis on what makes for effective webinars.
2008 Webinar Perfecting Your Art of Persuasion
Joy Heath Rush explores how to be more persuasive on the job and how to gain approvals for critical projects in this webinar. 
2007 Conference How to Bring Out the Best in Good People
Vince Cordo, Jr. explores the importance of communication in building responsibility, accountability and commitment;  how to become a resourceful, effective manager who accomplishes goals; and how to unleash the potential of your team and build trust among coworkers.  (Note: large file, may take time to open)
2007 Conference The Missing Link: Communications Skills for IT Professionals
Joy Heath Rush explains the need to communicate technical information to non-technical audiences without "talking down"; to recognize the need to focus on "others" in your communications, and to understand that effective communication begins with listening. 
2006 Conference Are You Bound for a Coronary?
A short survey to find out if you're a Type A personality.
2006 Conference Communicating Across Personality Types
Since “it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Lorie Peters of Enlightened Solutions provides insight into how to better communicate with (if not convince) people of different personality types and generations. 
2006 Conference Communicating Bad News
"Bad news isn't wine. It doesn't improve with age.” Angela Dowd gives you some ideas for handling this unpleasant task. 
2006 Conference Negotiating Tactics
Cathy Reilly looks at negotiation as a collaborative process with the goal being a win-win situation; even so, negotiation requires preparation and a plan to make it work.
2006 Conference The Competitive Advantage of Communications
Carol Todd Thomas looks at podcasting, vlogging, blogging and other new forms of communication in a law firm.
2005 Peer to Peer Write Makes Might: Leverage the Power of Words to Your Professional Advantage
Kahlee Brighton looks at the basics of good writing, from grammar and spelling to avoiding legalese and technical jargon.
2005 Conference Communicating Change Effectively
Maryanna Bell, Lorrie DiCesare and Joy Heath Rush give specific examples what to do and what NOT to do when communicating via email or your intranet. 
2005 Conference Communicating Effectively with the End User
Jeffrey Roach of PerfectAccess on recognizing the key elements of effective communication, understanding the role you play in supporting clients and the importance of customer service, and learning strategies for building and maintaining effective lines of communication.
2005 Conference Communicating with Your Superiors
Liz Groom analyzes the special problems involved in communicating with your superiors, including tips on how to communicate bad news.
2005 Conference Herding Cats on Slippery Rocks: Communicating Around the World
Honora Wade talks about the challenges of conducting a successful presentation, particularly in global firms with multiple time zones and different cultures.  Also, the special problems of webinars without visual feedback. 
2005 Conference Is Anybody Out There?: An honest look at realtime communication
Mark Brennan and Tony Hartsfield give their ten tips for communicating in a remote meeting.
2004 Conference Effective Business Writing
Member Kahlee Brighton covers grammar and proper usage to improve your email communications and presentations.
2003 Webinar PowerPoint Checklist
Intelliteach prepared this handy two page checklist of items to double-check before doing a PowerPoint presentation  in a meeting or in the courtroom.
2000 Conference How to Give Awesome Presentations
Member Jo Haraf covers three-, four-, and five-point Presentation Theory, the use of body language, persuasive versus weak words, and the presentation tricks of the experts.