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Strategies for Building a Culture of Continuous Security Awareness

Security training is not a awareness is the missing link in initiative. Malware and hackers are...careless clicking. How do you keep security

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Your Perimeter Will Be Breached

Your law firm will be hacked. What do you do when that happens? How do you mitigate the damage done? Join us for a technical discussion on what you can put in place that will help you identify where you have been hacked and how to get rid of the threat. Takeaways: Determine a list of things...

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Building an Effective Defense with Limited Budget

constraints, and security is no exception. posture? Come discover some of the...frameworks to improve your firm's security

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Focus Search - Retention Policy” or “Security Awareness

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Back to Basics: A Look at Recent Information Security Breaches and What Caused Them

While new and aggressive security techniques...will continue to be ones security and in the protocols the world uses disrupt the information security

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Focus Search - not basic security hygiene. August

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But Wait... There's More - Ransomware Edition

meeting invite to discuss security with practices to make certain your i’s are...) ILTA Peer – Security Best Practices – the...Performance in the Legal Sector Security

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2017 LegalSEC® Summit & Pre-Summit Workshop - Audio Recordings and Session Materials are now available

Security Dollars when Building Your Security...Decision Matrix To Meet Security Needs...Compliance Related to Security Security...Operations: Tales from the Trenches Security

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Promoting Security for the Non-Techie

Introducing security awareness at a...' award-winning OnGuard information awareness efforts in several law firms...communications and information security education

Promoting Security for the Non-Techie.m4a

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