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The Volunteer Community

ILTA runs on volunteers.

Hundreds of ILTA Volunteers assist the organization with large and small tasks, anything from helping contribute their thoughts or expertise to a single project to helping lead education and networking efforts on major conferences that bring together 3,000+ legal tech professionals across the globe. 

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Meet an ILTA Volunteer

Daniel Wood, Director of Counsel Assistance at Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP, has been an active ILTA Volunteer for over four years, holding various roles. Learn more about his experience here. 

learn more about Daniel's current volunteer group, the PPC 

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How Volunteering Can Help You Grow, Improve, and Create

By Mary Vacherweill, Senior Technology Specialist at Faber Daeufer & Itrato PC

I wanted to present myself as articulate and worthy, but also to engage in a useful way. I was intimidated by the enormous brainpower that is ILTA. Perhaps others are hesitant to speak up and come forward to volunteer. Whatever qualms I had about stepping up were exactly working against the engagement level I desired. I learn by doing, and volunteering is no exception.
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Volunteer Experiences Worth Exploring

Learn about the Content Coordinating Team (CCT) experience and how to become a volunteer from ILTA Member Jack Recinto!

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Authoring for ILTA = A Professional Development Tool

Kathleen Hogan, Director, Knowledge Integration at McCarthy Tétrault, shares the authoring process as a volunteer contributor for ILTA. Not only do you add articles to your resume, but you develop more professional skills. Hear what she has to say...

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The Real Facts About Volunteering (Q&A)

An interview with Debbie Ting, Senior Manager of KM Transactional Technologies, Goodwin Procter LLP. Debbie graciously answered five questions to give you an overall sense of what it's really like being an ILTA Volunteer, and why you should inquire about opportunities as soon as you can. 

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Gaining Knowledge and Broaden Your Network

ILTA Member and Volunteer Julia Binari, SR Manager - Enterprise Project Management & Learning, Lathrop GPM LLP, shares why volunteering with ILTA is "the perfect marriage of gaining knowledge and broadening your network."

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“For the last several years, I’ve been a part of creating, reviewing, and refining ILTA’s Marketing Technology survey. I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative nature working with a mix of Legal Marketing Tech folks who each bring their own areas of expertise. It’s great being able to connect and work alongside others who are passionate about what we do. Volunteering with ILTA has paved the way for these relationships. I encourage everyone to get involved with ILTA’s publications. It’s a great way to network with the best in the industry!”

Sheila R. mennis Senior Manager, Marketing Information Systems at Duane Morris, LLP
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Ignite Your Passion

Doreen Watt, Senior Project and Process Manager, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP, has been a volunteer since 2013. Learn what she thinks are the benefits for volunteering  and how easy it is to sign up!

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“Experience-Driven” Storytelling Using the ILTA Authoring Experience

By Ragav Jagannathan, President & Group CEO, SharePoint SME
KL Software Technologies

Writing thought leadership blogs and articles are not just for professional bloggers, writers, speakers, and journalists - they can be for anyone as an important part of educational writing, promotion, and much more. Inspirational and aspirational articles submitted to the ILTA Blogs can serve as an effective source to inspire and persuade ILTA community members to adopt and adapt to a rapidly evolving modern “post-pandemic” workplace.
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Join the ILTA Family

Catherine S. Hanley, Knowledge Management Lawyer, Sidley Austin

ILTA is a boots on the ground organization and volunteers fill many of the boots! When I joined, it felt like I joined a big family – a big, raucous, plugged-in family, with discussions, debates, activities, and events happening all the time, on every platform and channel! As an ILTA volunteer, I bring ideas and trends to the fore and collaborate with peers on developing and delivering content. There is room for anyone looking to share their perspective. It’s an exciting organization to be involved in and I would recommend volunteering with ILTA to anyone working in legal tech.  
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ILTA Communities

The go-to-space where peers connect, discuss challenges, find solutions, and develop ideas.

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About ILTA Tip of the Week

Learn the What, When, Where, and How's of ILTA's Tip of the Week in 1 minute!

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Lean in for a Real World Impact

By Eric Weller, IS Operations Manager at Fennemore

Every tech professional I know consumes a LOT of media and I always encourage others in legal to lean heavily on ILTA communities, because the number and variety of information available elsewhere is simply overwhelming. ILTA Communities provide a broad filter on the larger world of tech media, focusing much of the content on...

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Finding Your Creative Outlet

Watch how ILTA's Tip of the Week can help broaden your conversations!

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When I started in legal a little over four years ago, I knew from past experience that the best way to learn is through mentoring and online resources. The ILTA online community is the best resource in LegalTech. You to pick the brains of professionals at every level from hundreds of firms. Regardless of the size of a firm, ILTA members are always happy to help and provide the best recommendations and insight. Not only that, there are vendor specific forums where you can hear from them directly. You may even make some friends as I have along the way. We are a community that grows by helping each other. I highly recommend the ILTA communities and getting involved as often as you can! 

Jason thomas ILTA Member and Chief Information Officer at Cole, Scott & Kissane P.A.

Pick your peers' brains on a particular topic.

Join ILTA's topic-specific discussion spaces and access libraries of file uploads, pertinent blogs, and relevant events hosting like-minded individuals. Check out some of ILTA's highly-valued spaces and forums available to Members and Nonmembers.
The * identifies communities that are open for all to join the conversation.

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"I love ILTA forums. The knowledge I have obtained has paid for my membership several times over. I read about things over my head, answer things I have experience with and ask specific questions about things important to my firm. Specifically, I have chosen a backup solution due to ILTA forum suggestions, changed User Rights for security, purchased a Large File Transfer solution also due to ILTA info. I have no doubt our firm has a much more secure environment because of what I have pulled from ILTA forums. Additionally I believe I get a sense of what solutions are good values and save money from that knowledge."

Jeff Wyatt

ILTA Member and Chief Administrative Officer at McMahon Surovik Suttle, PC

"ILTA online communities have given me the tools needed to grow as an IT professional in the legal industry. It has allowed me to network with those in different geographic locations and provide me with insights to trends in technology. It is a great resource that I have available to me."

Devin Jaundoo

ILTA Member and Manager, Cloud & Infrastructure Services at Lenczer Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP


1. Allows me to network with my peers of similar positions.

2. Gives me the pulse of the legal industry.I’m consistently asked by my executive management team what are other law firms doing and are we using the best of breed of applications.The community forum provides these answers.

3. In certain forums such as Desktop & Application Services, Microsoft –Desktop Applications, iManage, and User Support Services provide first notification of issues as they are happening.

4. When troubleshooting an issue, the community forum is my first place to look sometimes before a google search.


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