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By Bárbara Gondim Da Rocha posted 08-03-2020 10:06


Have you ever attended an educational session or shared insights with someone at ILTACON and thought how amazing it would be if other people at your firm could listen to it too? Maybe one of those lawyers that are particularly resistant to change or to adopt new technology… Well, with less than a month until ILTA>ON takes place, some people are still not aware of the possibilities of making this “dream” come true.

The ILTACON experience.

It was only a year ago that I traveled all the way from Fortaleza (Brazil) to Orlando (USA) to attend my first ILTACON and to be completely overwhelmed with the magnificence and magnitude of this amazing conference.

ILTACON is a life changer and I don’t say it just for myself. Past attendees will most definitely relate to what I’m talking about. Several days of networking, knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences, where people are actually happy to give information and different perspectives on what their organizations are doing.

 And even though ILTA relies on technology to deliver content and education to the legal community, ILTACON sessions range from leadership development and soft skills to core IT. So, basically, if you work in the legal field, no matter what job you have – you might even be a lawyer! –, there is benefit from attending the world's premier legal technology conference.

But while an in-person conference involves traveling expenses, there are only so many people that can actually go to these events. And it’s not the lawyers who usually get to be there experiencing great keynotes, educational sessions and social networking. To be fair, I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me that a great amount of people in their own organizations aren’t aware of everything they are entitled to experience just by working at law firm or legal department that has an ILTA membership.

 A major shift due to COVID-19.

When we were all making plans to celebrate ILTA’s 40th anniversary in Nashville this summer, the world came across unprecedented change due to the coronavirus pandemic. As people started asking about ILTACON, ILTA’s leadership promised not to let us down, because together we would find a way to make it happen. And WE, ILTAns, did! Kudos to the amazing job the ILTA>ON Planning Committee did to adapt the sessions to a virtual format.

 In less than a month, all of us can be first timers at ILTA>ON. And, as much as I would love to get together in person with the amazing people I have met during the past year, I believe that every cloud has a silver lining and that the opportunities that will arise from this new way of bringing the legal community together can be decisive to reshape the future of ILTA and its members. Want to know why?

 A FREE day you say?

I believe some people are not aware of this, but Day One of ILTA>ON 2020 is FREE, which means there is no reason every single person in your organization shouldn’t get a day pass for Monday, August 24.


And the beauty of it is that the track of the first day will focus on leadership and professional development. An outstanding lineup of speakers will share their insights on how to lead in times of crisis and with a culture of inclusion, as well as to improve your emotional intelligence by recognizing and identifying personality types in the workplace. There will even be a public speaking workshop!

I don’t know about you, but it seems like a remarkable opportunity to enrich your teams, no matter what role they play in your organization. It’s also an opportunity to engage your staff and give them new possibilities to thrive during these difficult times.

By offering this “golden ticket”, ILTA provides access to a wider array of attendees that would not normally travel to ILTACON, not only because of the costs involved – especially for members outside of North America – but also for those roles that are usually not entitled to attend these types of conferences.

Let’s be the change!

The minute I found out about this free pass, I sent an email to a bunch of people from my firm and you would not imagine how receptive and grateful they were. We are planning to make a group chat with all the attendees to share our opinions on the sessions and insights on how to put the things we will learn into action.

In these times of uncertainty, creating an environment of trust and collaboration is more important than ever. I’m positive ILTA>ON will bring the best on my team. How about you?

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08-03-2020 14:17

An ILTA>ON free day pass it's a dream! Everybody have to enjoy this opportunity!