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Our clients are telling us....

By Caesarine Cordon posted 02-02-2017 13:17

As I am in the field meeting with law firms we support, there are common themes that come up as it relates to workflow:

  • "No fires"- Firms must have a vendor that will be proactive and assure their office runs smoothly on a consistent basis. Equipment working, supplies on hand and someone to speak with in the event they have a need and checking in on a quarterly basis. Relationship/rapport/trust, huge!
  • Converting to digital-Firms are currently in the midst of scanning their documents into digital format or looking to implement within their firms some time soon.
  • Conference rooms-Working remotely becoming more prevalent; interactive display units
  • Billing-varies within firms
  • IT support
  • War rooms

We are a one stop resource for all points noted and will host calls/open house this year to share latest technology as it relates to workflow in law firms. I would like to invite you to join us.
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