Marketing Technology

Calling All Marketing Technologists: Have We Got a Survey (just) for You!

By Cheryl Disch posted 05-17-2018 17:17


Marketing technology has been a growing discipline in legal, and most people have heard the Gartner prediction from last year that CMO’s will soon outspend CIOs on technology (if they haven’t already). Last year ILTA published the first Marketing Technology white paper (our second is due out later this year). And this year we are launching the first marketing technology survey for law firms so we can start benchmarking the use of technology in legal marketing.

In fact, the survey launches now. And here: We want to get as many firms to participate as possible over the next three weeks – firms of all sizes from all locations, regardless of whether you have a marketing department of one or 100. We may not all have the same resources and budget, but we share the same challenges, and we can all benefit from information about what a typical marketing technology stack looks like in 2018.

There are a lot of categories within marketing technology, so we have a lot of questions in our survey. We hope the legal marketing community will see the ROI potential in spending 15 minutes to answer these questions.

If you’re in Marketing, gather your technology team and maybe tackle this survey together (or get yourself a cup of coffee and dive in if it’s just you). If you’re in another functional area, make sure your firm’s Marketing team is aware of the survey and encourage them to participate as yet another value-add from being part of ILTA. You can access the survey here or share the link with a colleague. We’ve got marketers involved, so there will be plenty of messages going out on different platforms to spread the word. The survey period starts now and ends June 7.

Big thanks to Content Pilot for sponsoring the survey, and to the team who worked with me and the awesome Nicole Martinez from the ILTA staff to create this survey: : Katy Admirand, Jacqueline Madarang, Deborah McMurray, Sheila Mennis, and Nanette Morales.