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ILTACON 2016 - Get Excited for Applications!

By Chris Hunt posted 06-17-2016 14:05


Change is in the air this year, and your ILTACON 2016 planning team is hard at work on educational sessions that will help you embrace and lead change in your organizations.

We have five teams of volunteers working on a number of areas of focus. I’m proud to be working on the Applications area this year, and we have great content coming your way.

One of the biggest changes of the year for the desktop is the move to Windows 10. This new operating system brings with it a host of changes. In addition, this year brings a new version of Office, Office 2016, along with growing interest in the cloud offering Office 365. We will offer many sessions to help you help your users embrace those changes:

A Deep Dive into Windows 10 Technology will offer a detailed technical look at Windows 10, considerations for upgrading, and benefits for the legal industry.

Windows 10 and Office 2016: Tales from Early Adopters will offer insights from firms who have either completed their transitions, or who are in pilot for these changes.

Laptops and Tablets and Hybrids! Oh, My! will take a look at the landscape of new hardware options introduced alongside Windows 10.

A Deep Dive into Office 2016 will look at new features, functionality, licensing, and potential gotchas particularly with compatibility of add-ins to help firms decide if the time is right to make a move.

Office 365: Where do you Start? will have one of top Office 365 experts, Peter Bruzzese, guide you through the options and offerings of Office 365 as you start to consider this avenue of upgrades.

The Evolution of SharePoint 2016 will feature Ted Theodoropoulos and Sean Coleman reviewing what’s new in SharePoint, particularly mobile and search.

Interested in a new DMS? We have the session for you, if you are looking at something other than iManage or NetDocuments, Alternative Document Management Systems. Come check out users of some lesser-used systems and find out if one of these is a better fit for your firm. While we are talking about DMS, there has been some discussion about moving to a pessimistic DMS security model, and our session Evolving DMS Security Models to Meet Client and Compliance Requirements will look closely at the implications and reasoning behind such a move, along with other security considerations for your document repositories.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. While I do not want to go into detail on all of the sessions our team is working on, we have a slew of sessions aimed at helping you and your firms become better, more efficient users of technology. From Navigating the File Sharing Minefield to 60 Apps in 60 Minutes for IT Pros to Dotting Your I's and Crossing Your T's with the Right Document Proofreading Software to Alternative Email Arrangements to Reduce the Clutter to Product Integrations Galore! we KNOW you will find the perfect session to attend. Make sure you visit the ILTACON site to see all of the Applications-related sessions on tap for the week.

We can’t wait to see you in August at the Gaylord National!

Christopher Hunt
Team Coordinator, Desktop & Applications Team
ILTACON 2016 Conference Committee

Director of Information Technology
Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C.
Boston, MA