How is Technology Changing the Way We Do Business?

By Curtis Vanhouten posted 11-29-2020 19:42


Humanity has been on a steady climb towards more and more technological advancement since the Industrial Revolution and this trend doesn’t seem to be letting up. 

Technology is developing rapidly at an unprecedented rate, some of it even mutating so fast that we have to work hard to keep up with it.

If you want your business to continue thriving in the 21st century, read on to find out how technology is changing the face of business and how businesses are adapting. 

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is what enables businesses to store company data in third-party servers. 

This is a much safer way to store sensitive data because it’s not as vulnerable to hardware crashes or hacking. You can limit access to the data through encryption technology among other things. 

This also protects against permanent data loss or downtime, while giving small businesses access to cost-effective resources that make them more competitive. 

  • Mobile Solutions

Mobile agility is where it’s at when it comes to technological development. It’s to the point where tech giant Google continues to tweak its algorithms to cater to users by prioritizing and indexing websites that have a seamless mobile web browser version. 

Granted that your smartphone or device is fitted with the right type of software, you should be able to manage almost every aspect of your business from anywhere in the world. 

This means being able to manage all types of different tasks from your smartphone, including invoicing, shipping, customer relations, content marketing, and sales enablement. 

You can then secure your data through a mobile tracker which will really come in handy if you ever happen to lose your device. 

  • Fast Connectivity

Technology also facilitates better communication to the point where you can text or video chat anyone from the touch of a button, no matter where they are in the world. 

You can send targeted promotional emails to pre-qualified leads halfway around the world.  

The development of communication software has truly transformed the way we communicate and connect on a mass scale. 

  • Customer Segmentation

It’s never been easier to understand your customers as a business than it is today in the information age. 

You can now use innovative analytics services that enable you to separate prospects into different segments in order to create targeted ads that are more effective and efficient. 

The best part is just how simple it is to use. All you have to do is create a Google account and you can gain valuable insights on where your site visitors are coming from, how long they stay, their activity, how they found your website, and even the type of browser that they’re using. 

  • Cost Efficiency

Business software solutions on the market today have colluded to create the ultimate “buyer’s market”. 

That’s because it has become so much easier and more accessible to use the software and hardware required to produce these software solutions. 

Basically, you can complete a task that once took millions of dollars and years to create within a few weeks with a relatively bootstrapped budget. 

Not only that, but these solutions are super easy to use and available at affordable rates.