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Information security doesn't have to be the end of KM: resources from ILTA and friends

By Gillian Glass posted 07-25-2017 14:34

Every few months someone comes to the Information Management Content team and asks why we're not doing programming on closed document management systems or "pessimistic" security, where access to client/matter documents is restricted to only those assigned to that matter. Firms who are used to an open DMS may need to rethink their collaboration and knowledge management strategies. ILTA members and our vendor sponsors have been generating content on that topic for several years, but it's not always easy to find, so we thought we'd collect it in one place.  We don't have any easy answers, but below are some links help you consider the questions in fresh ways.

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Gwyn McAlpine's fantastic article Advancing  KM in a Security Conscious World is a deep dive from the KM perspective

From the IT and  governance perspective, the Content Team created a checklist of Considerations when securing your document management system

There have been a few sessions at our conferences on this topic:
At 2017 LegalSEC:
New Mandates and Drivers Forcing Changes to Firm Security Practices starring Ben Weinberger and a 53 slide PowerPoint.

In 2016 Leigh Isaacs, Jim Merrifield and Terry Coan led a session named Security and Information Governance: Living together in perfect harmony (apologies if you're now humming Ebony and Ivory the rest of the day).

For our European members, a similarly titled session was presented at Insight in 2016:  Risk Management: Security and Information Governance in Perfect Harmony 

Also at 2016 ILTACON:
Evolving DMS Security Models To Meet Client and Compliance Requirements 

In  2015 Cindy Bare, Beau Mersereau and I presented Striking the Right Balance: Collaboration vs. Governance

Brian Donato led  a subcommittee of The Law Firm Information Governance Symposium drafting a whitepaper on transitioning to a closed system, with an emphasis on getting firm buy in and cultural changes.

The new ACC model rules lay out baseline controls for outside counsel including limiting access to confidential data.

Keith Lipman of Prosperoware has an interesting idea for solving the KM problem on 3 Geeks and a Law Blog titled Knowledge Management in the Age of Need to Know Security .​​

If you have more resources please send me an email or  post them in the comments below.