More Control for your Slideshow Presentation

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Presenter View
More Control for your Slideshow Presentation

Presenter view allows you to run your presentation notes, timer and other tools from one monitor and let the audience view it on another monitor or a projector. It provides the ability to show slides out of sequence and a black-out button that allows you to blacken the screen for the audience while maintaining your view of the presentation on your computer.

Using Presenter View
In presenter view, icons and buttons are large for easy navigation. The following tools are available from Presenter View.

  1. Thumbnails of slides; click a thumbnail to navigate to that slide.
  2. This is the slide currently being shown to the audience.
  3. Move forward or backward through the slide show presentation by using these buttons.
  4. Slide number (for example, Slide 7 of 12).
  5. Elapsed time, in hours and minutes, since the start of the slide show presentation.
  6. Speaker's notes.
  7. Pointer options (allows you to change the pointer between a pen, arrow, and highlighter).
  8. Slide show menu. Includes navigation (next, previous, last viewed, etc.), screen options (black/white screen), help, pause, and end show.
  9. Zoom buttons for speaker's notes.
  10. Slide show help.

Setting up a presentation to use presenter view

  • In order to use presenter view, your computer must meet the following requirements:
  • The computer must have multiple monitor capability - check with the manufacturer about this. Usually desktop computers require two video cards in order to have multiple monitor capability; laptops often have the capability built in.
  • The computer must be running an operating system that supports multiple displays, such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP or later.
  • Multiple monitor support must be enabled by setting the display options. In Control Panel, click the Display icon.
  • Presenter view must be turned on.

To turn on multiple monitor support and presenter view

  1. In PowerPoint, on the Slide Show menu, click Set Up Show.
  2. Under Multiple monitors, select the Show Presenter View check box.
  3. In the Display slide show on list, click the monitor you want the slide show presentation to appear on.

Submitted by:  Denise Ashe, Trainer, Jackson Kelly