ILTA Tip of the Week - Customize Comment font size, etc.

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Customizing the comment balloon text – Word 2010

There are two ways to reach the menu you need:

  • Press Control + Alt + Shift + s all at the same time
  • OR, Make sure you’re in the Home tab and click on the little tiny arrow at the bottom right of the Styles menu

Either of these options will bring up the full Styles dialogue box.

Using either of these methods, you will bring up the Styles dialogue box.

Now, ignore all of it except the three buttons at the bottom of the Styles dialogue box.

Click on the right-most button: Manage Styles to bring up the next box: Manage Styles.

When you first open this window, the sort order is in what Word thinks is a useful order: As Recommended – click on the down arrow to change it to Alphabetical:

Once you’ve got the list into alphabetical order, it’s relatively easy to find Balloon Text (note: not Comment text) and you will see that it then confirms how you have your text set up (blue circle).


Click the Modify button … Now you can change your font and font size. You’ll notice lots of other options (blue circle) to change the spacing, etc.

Change the font size, font, orientation and color of the comment box heading, and the size of the text.

Note: As we will see, the changes in color, font and italics etc. only apply themselves to the heading of the comment text, where it says “Comment: L1”.

Why? Because it’s Word, and we are changing, very specifically, information about the Comment Balloon itself. 


Link to Reference Sheet:

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