Tip of the Week - Edit Excel Cells

By ILTA Tips posted 11-05-2019 08:22

Tip of the Week - Edit Excel Cells - 4 options

Edit Excel Cells Easily – shortcuts

Excel allows you to quickly and easily edit information you previously entered into a cell.

There are four ways you can edit the information, once you select the cell you want to edit.

  1. Just begin typing. If you do this, the information you type replaces the current contents of the cell.
  2. Use the mouse to point to the contents of the cell on the formula bar. As you move the mouse pointer over the cell information, notice that it changes to an I-beam. Position the I-beam where you want to make an edit and then click the mouse button. The cursor appears at that point within the cell contents, and you can begin editing. Whatever you type is added to the line (you can also drag the I-beam across several characters with the mouse; then what you type replaces the selected text).
  3. You can also use the cursor-control keys, as follows:





With Ctrl Key



Start of line


Start of cell



End of line


End of cell

Left Arrow


Left one character


Left one word

Right Arrow


Right one character


Right one word

Up Arrow


Up one line


Up one line

Down Arrow


Down one line


Down one line


As with many word processors, you can also use the Shift key with the cursor-control keys. This will result in selecting adjacent characters within the cell contents. If you then release the Shift key and type any other information, what you type replaces the selected characters. When you have finished editing the contents of the cell, press Enter.

  1. The final method of editing information is to do it directly within the cell. This is done by either using the mouse todouble-click on the cell you want to edit, or by selecting the cell and pressing the F2 key. When you do this, the full contents of the cell appear right in the middle of your worksheet, and you can edit those contents.

When you are editing cells in this manner, all the editing keys function as described earlier. The only difference is where the editing occurs, not how it occurs.

Notice, as well, that if you use cell or range references in a formula that is being edited in the cell, the cells reference in the formula are highlighted in blue in the worksheet. This makes it easy for you to locate references within your worksheet.

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