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But Wait... There's More ILTACON 2015 edition, Preview 1 - Information Governance

By Joanne Kiley posted 08-07-2015 18:15


ILTACON 2015 begins in a few short weeks. I interviewed some of the speakers and the session developers for an inside look at ILTACON 2015. Leading up to the conference, I will highlight a few sessions that cover the Cloud, Mobility, Information Governance, Security, and Business and Process Improvement. Today I offer a preview of just two of the many wonderful sessions in the Information Governance field. 

Striking the Right Balance: Collaboration vs. Governance, Tuesday September 1, 1:30-2:30 p.m. Knowledge management professionals in mid-size to large firms will not want to miss this session discussing the new realities of security impacting knowledge management. The world of open KM and collaboration have shifted recently to one of secured documents with more restricted access. Panelists hail from three firms at different stages in the process of balancing the collaborative sharing world of knowledge management with the more restricted world of secured documents clients now demand. Bring your questions about clarifying the new KM realities, getting acceptance from management, sanitizing documents, and communicating your security best practices to clients.

 Unstructured, Untagged and Untapped: Get Rid of the “Un” With New Ways to Find and Manage Enterprise Content, Tuesday, September 1, 3:30-4:30 p.m. Large amounts of unstructured data exist in your organization. In the past, not everything was matter-centric. These realities could now become a security risk. In this session for information governance, knowledge management, security and enterprise content management professionals, learn how to leverage technology you may already have to harness and define your unstructured data. E-discovery, data loss prevention and predictive coding tools can help you quickly find unstructured data and make informed decisions regarding this data. Clients now demand protection of their information for open matters and want to know what happens to the data once the matter closes. Attendees will learn about using existing and emerging technologies and obtaining buy-in through the leveraging of potential security risks.

Thank you to all of the speakers and session planners who took time to talk with me or send me information about their sessions. To find more Information Governance sessions, use the session search and select “Information Governance” in the Area of Focus.

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