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By Joanne Kiley posted 12-01-2016 15:57


Last week members shared naming ideas for learning programs and systems in their organizations and more. This week’s ILTACON TV highlight focuses on the spirit of volunteering with Rick Krzyminski and Cheryl Disch. Explore curated sources on these topics including some from ILTA’s treasure chest.

Naming Your LMS

Names convey meaning and character. If you have a child, you probably did not name him/her after the 4th grade bully. You selected a family name or a favorite character, scanned the rankings of the Social Security Administration’s Baby Names or considered the countless recommendations from friends and family.

When selecting a name or brand for the learning system in your organization, you want to convey what it does and make it memorable. Members shared names they selected for their learning systems in ILTA’s discussion groups. If you still need a name for your LMS, review the suggestions in the User Support Services discussion group (member login required) and from branding professionals including the Business Collective, Sticky Branding, Catchword Branding and books like the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al and Laura Ries. Speaking of the LMS, catch up on the ILTA LMS series. In November, ILTA presented “Learning Management System Deep Dive – Managing Content” on ILTA Radio and “Training PeerShare: LMS – Managing Content.” Watch for more LMS programming throughout the next several months.

ILTACON TV Highlights – Spirit of Volunteering

Have you ever wondered how ILTACON comes together? Rick Krzyminski and Cheryl Disch discuss selecting a theme, developing content, new additions from 2016 and the process for building a great conference. Volunteers develop content for ILTA programming all year. Thank you ILTA volunteers! For access to all ILTACON TV interviews, visit the ILTACON TV page.

SOMETHING EXTRA – Preventing Data Loss and ILTA Blogs

Some members recently asked about policies regarding the storage of client credit card information. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council offers a document library of data security standards. ILTACON 2016 also had sessions on data loss prevention including “Cost-Effective Ways to Detect and Prevent Data Loss” and “How to Establish Data Classification and Improve Client Audits.”

If you missed recent ILTA blogs, Deborah Dobson continues to teach us what we need to know about blockchain in “Potchain 1.0 and Blockchain” and Gwyneth McAlpine highlights ILTA’s Knowledge Management programming in 2016 in “For Your Viewing Pleasure.”

As ILTA’s content curator, I’m always monitoring the discussion forums to discover what topics are top-of-mind among the members. Each week, I focus on a few areas that spark your interest, and I provide some curated resources to assist your own information-gathering on the topics. If there are specific topics you would like assistance exploring, please contact me at joanne@iltanet.org