Within Legal, Should You Always "Think Globally, and Act Locally"? Or Should it be the Opposite?

By Sabrina Faleiro posted 04-13-2020 09:57

Please enjoy this blog co-authored by Ricardo Dalmaso Marques, General Counsel/Head of Legal, Wildlife Studios
and Sabrina Faleiro, Corporate & Compliance Counsel, Wildlife Studios.

Globalization is a reality in every growing company, and the statement “think globally, act locally” has been echoed by many corporate leaders to maintain the sustainability of their businesses, in particular in the tech industry.[1]  Within legal departments this assumption is also promoted - in-house counsels are constantly pressured to reinvent themselves to operate in an efficient, optimized and automated way in a global spectrum.  But does it mean that in-house counsels should always "think globally, and act locally", or the opposite is actually true?   Ugo Draetta once said that "an in-house counsel has no choice but to be a global lawyer" and a "multi-cultural" one,[2] but one could really do that all times and in all his or her daily decisions?

Many authors and practitioners have already written on the challenge that it is to lead a legal department that is expected to provide services and mitigate legal risks around the globe.  The practical first step, of course, is to build a solid and committed team, which does not necessarily have legal knowledge in every jurisdiction where your company does business (and it doesn't have to - you can use outside local counsel for that!); but more importantly, it must be a team that embodies soft skills, such as resilience, hardworking, organization skills, as well as an innovation-driven mentality and other so-called "non-traditional" skills.[3]  (This is easier said than done, for sure.)

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Please enjoy the part one verison of this topic from Jack Thompson: