Windows Remote Management with PowerShell 

02-23-2015 01:37

Description: This webinar will cover the configuration of the Windows Remote Management client and server components, Group Policy configuration of various PowerShell-related settings and how to use PowerShell Remoting to manage your IT environment centrally with ease! We'll cover: - Configuring Windows Remote Management (WinRM) via Active Directory Group Policy (GPO) - Configuring and provisioning of SSL certificates from Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - Utilizing PowerShell Remoting to deploy simple commands or complex scripts - Deploying commands asynchronously using PowerShell background jobs - Interactively managing Microsoft Windows clients and servers with remote sessions - Creating customized PowerShell session configurations to provide limited access to users

Speaker: Trevor Sullivan is a Microsoft Solution Architect at Project Leadership Associates. He has over nine years of Microsoft engineering experience, specializing in process automation, large-scale Windows administration and systems management infrastructure planning. Most of his experience is in large corporate environments, requiring a variety of customized solutions to support business critical functionality. As an active member of the Microsoft community, Trevor is a frequent technical blogger, mailing list contributor, forum poster and tweeter. Contact him at

Sponsored By: Project Leadership Associates

Recorded on 11-11-13

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