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Law firms must often share very sensitive information with their business partners, including highly sensitive client information. It is important that law firms take steps to protect their clients and their reputation by selecting business partners and vendors who put in place reasonable and appropriate security protections. These documents are meant to help firms understand and manage the risks associated with outsourcing. For more information about how to incorporate these documents into an effective vendor management program, please see this recent LegalSEC webinar on the subject - the link to the webinar is also in the related links section below.

These documents were created through a collaboration between LegalSEC sponsors and ILTA participants consisting of the following individuals:
• Bryan Bain, BuckleySandler LLP
• Gina Buser, Traveling Coaches
• Adam Carlson, IntApp
• Kathryn Hume , IntApp
• Sherry Kappel, Litera
• Conrad McCallum, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
• Julia Montgomery, Traveling Coaches
• Donna Payne, Payne Group
• Sean Scott, Litera


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