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BIC Training for Secretaries - What do you do?

  • 1.  BIC Training for Secretaries - What do you do?

    Posted 01-30-2024 13:53

    Hi everyone,

    I am curious how you all train your non-attorney users on your BIC processes and procedures, aside from the typical training that occurs during onboarding. 

    We try to hold training for our secretaries and relevant admin. staff every six months, but after doing this for many years, I think I need to approach this differently.  For our rock star secretaries, the training has become too repetitive, and for our newer secretaries/less frequent users it has become an overwhelming knowledge dump. 

    Do any of you accommodate different "skill level" groups with your training, or use other strategies to make sure everyone gets what they need?

    Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.

    - Amy

    Amy Noll
    McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC
    Conflicts Analyst
    Harrisburg PA United States
    Number of Attorneys: 160
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