Press Policy

Press Policy

13-14 November 2019

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ILTA’s Press Policy aligns with current media standards in order to build positive press relationships that benefit the ILTA community and clarifies the benefits and responsibilities associated with ILTA press credentials.

2019 Policy Goals

  • Create an environment for media professionals from a variety of mediaoutlets, as well as industry experts and authors to participate in, engage with and report on the content and activities of ILTA events

  • Foster inclusion across legal technology media and author communities, including traditional press, industry thought leaders and specialized authors/bloggers within ILTA’s constituent space

  • Ensure fair and consistent application of press credential criteria

  • Align with event operational processes and timelines regarding hotel accommodations (as relevant) for credentialed press

  • Differentiate consultants or an event sponsor who attend ILTA events to promote their business services and products from press

  • Communicate benefits, responsibilities and timelines clearly

The Policy will facilitate media attendance and coverage of ILTA events and define the associated benefits to the credential holder and the broader legal technology community, as well as the responsibilities associated with the press credential.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Individuals attending ILTA events on a press credential are extended the following benefits:

  • Complimentary registration for the conference, including all sessions and keynotes

  • Designated contact on ILTA staff to handle press pass

  • Access to a press lounge or centralized media area and work center

  • Individuals attending ILTA events on a press credential are subject to the following responsibilities:

    • Share their area of media, blog or industry experience when applying for the credential
    • Provide a summary of anticipated editorial schedule and distribution method(s)
    • Refrain from solicitation of members and/or exhibitors to purchase goods and/or services
    • Obtain prior permission for capturing video on the ILTA Exhibit Floor other than individual interviews

While it is not the intention of ILTA to require coverage, please note that providing an environment for reporting on the content and activities of ILTA events is our primary goal. Press credentials will be granted on an event-by-event basis.

Failure to adhere to the responsibilities may result in the loss of the press credential for a single event or all events.

Credential Eligibility

The 2019 ILTA Press Policy will create a neutral and author-accessible environment for requestors to register as Press at ILTA conferences. This policy is designed to welcome media professionals affiliated with legal, technology and general business editorial outlets, as well as industry expertsand authors to report on the activities of ILTA. Individuals attending ILTA events on a press credential shall refrain from promotion of any goods or services to ILTA members or exhibitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for ILTA press credentials?

Journalists and media professionals are eligible for press credentials. This includes professional reporters, editors, writers, news photographers, producers, and online editors who work for, freelance for, or contribute regularly to a publication, news service, broadcast outlet or news site that is regularly issued and published primarily for the dissemination of news. Individuals associated with media outlets and authors whose primary responsibility during a specified event is the coverage of the legal profession,legal technology, technology industry, workforce technology issues, and related news will be considered for credentials.

Are bloggers and other authors eligible for ILTA press credentials?

Bloggers seeking press credentials must be working journalists or active bloggers and/or authors who cover legal technology, general technology industry, workforce technology issues, and/or related topics. Bloggers are expected to have published monthly posts for at least six months prior to theregistration request. Consideration will be given to authors who focus on legal technology and plan to publish content based on the event, subject to the requirement that they not engage in any solicitation, sales or promotion activities while at the event.

Are student journalists and bloggers eligible for ILTA press credentials?

Student bloggers who are enrolled full-time in graduate business or journalism/communications programs, or who can demonstrate involvement in producing editorial content for collegiate publications, broadcast outlets, blogs, or news online sites will be considered for press credentials.

Is an employee of a member entity eligible for press credentials?

Individuals employed by an active member entity whose role is consistent with one of media, blogger or author descriptions noted above may be eligible for press credentials. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and, if granted, credentialed individuals will be subject to the same responsibilities outlined in this policy.

Are industry analysts eligible for press credentials?

Industry analysts who cover legal practice, legal technology, general technology, and related business will be considered for press credentials. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and, if granted, credentialed individuals will be subject to the same responsibilities outlined in this policy. This includes refraining from promotion of any goods or services while attending the event.

Who is not eligible for press credentials?

As a general guideline, individuals whose role primarily involves sales, advertising, or marketing, as well as event sponsors and consultant entities are not eligible for press credentials under this policy. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis with every effort made to support inclusion and collaboration consistent with the goals stated above.

Press Credential Request Process


To request consideration for press credentials, please send an email to that includes the following information:

  • ILTA event for which you are requesting credentials and dates of planned attendance

  • Name of the individual who will hold the credentials

  • Publication, media outlet or organization name and address (including city, state, and zip/provcode and country)

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Relevant social media identities such as Twitter handle, Instagram account, etc.

  • Four to six recent bylines, blog posts or articles with accessible links that relate to legal profession, legal technology, technology industry and/or workforce technology issues

  • Brief description of the anticipated editorial coverage, research and/or authoring plans related to the event for which the credential is requested


Requests for press credentials should be submitted as early as possible, but no less than ten business days prior to the opening of the requested ILTA event.

Requests made at the event will not be considered.


ILTA’s Marketing and Communications team will acknowledge receipt of your request and provide an estimate of when you can expect a formal response. Evaluation of requests is typically completed within three to five business days following the receipt of the request. Each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The number of credentials granted for an individual media outlet or organization may be limited.

ILTA Press Credentials are granted to an individual and are not transferable. Approval is at the sole discretion of ILTA.