Keynote Sessions

Keynote Sessions

13-14 November 2019

There is up to 16 hours worth of programming eligible for CiSSP and/or PMP continuing education units, for self-reporting to your certification association.

Wednesday Keynote

Welcome to ILTACON Europe & Keynote: Leadership Under Stress: Exploring Project Failure at NASA

On Wednesday, we are excited to feature this captivating keynote speaker, with his compelling insights directly relevant to the practice and business of a law firm. Prepare to be highly engaged and glad you were there to hear this incredible perspective. In the year in which we celebrate fifty years since putting a man on the moon, Stephen Carver, Senior Lecturer in Project and Programme Management at Cranfield School of Management, will take us on a journey through NASA’s intense organisational and project management challenges, up to and beyond those pivotal “Go/No Go” decisions that happened the night before a space launch. Stephen will speak about the exposure of NASA’s shortcomings leading to failures. He will connect how these failures and innovations can be implemented in law firm technology projects.

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Stephen Carver

Senior Lecturer in Project and Programme Management

Cranfield School of Management, United Kingdom

About Stephen Carver

Prior to Cranfield University, Stephen worked on projects for the oil business and at Virgin before working directly for a global CEO as head of Project & Programme Management Strategy. He has experience of Project and Programme Management in almost all business sectors from banks to oil and from construction to law firms.

Stephen is an unusual blend of Academic, Businessman and Teller of Tales. He has lectured worldwide and has worked with civilian and military organisations in the field of risk analysis and safety.

He has a reputation of taking complex management concepts such as Project, Programme Change and Crisis Management and being able to distil them down, into highly informative and fun lectures - often using “storytelling” techniques.

Thursday Keynote

Keynote Panel Discussion: The 2020 Vision for The Legal Sector

General counsel and leading suppliers share their predictions, expectations and challenges for the future of the legal sector in 2020 and beyond. With an expert moderator, we will align and counterpoint the discussion with insights from a panel of legal technology suppliers. These experts in client engagement will share how to master client-driven demand, exceed expectations, and offer their vantage points from the front lines to where they see the sector evolving. We’ll explore shared common ground, and highlight where there is less crossover and collaboration, to help the industry think about the areas we need to work together to improve.

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Moderator— GC Panel

Shahzad Bashir

President and Chief Executive Officer

Morae Global

About Shahzad Bashir

As Morae Legal's Founder, he is responsible for Morae Global's vision and strategy and providing leadership to build a company that helps our clients by transforming the legal industry. His goal is to help ignite law department and law firm business performance by delivering on Morae Global's vision of serving our clients as the full service, technology enabled and integrated solution provider for the broader needs of a corporate legal department and law firms.

Shahzad Bashir / President and Chief Executive Officer at Morae Global

Sarah Barrett-Vane / SBV Consulting, Former Director of Legal Operations at Royal Mail
Barry Matthews / Principal Consultant, Overture 
Ben Eason / Managing Director - Head of Legal Transformation at Barclays

Joy Heath Rush / CEO, ILTA

Lucinda Case / Managing Director, Thomson Reuters
Nick Thomson / General Manager, iManageRAVN
Peter Bauer / CEO, Mimecast
Chris Turk / Regional Vice President, IntApp
Emily Foges / CEO, Luminance