Columbus: Prove Your Technological Competency to Your Clients

When:  Mar 11, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)


The profitability of law firms is directly tied to efficiency and security. If legal teams does not use the technological tools at their disposal properly (even tools as common as Word), the entire production process slows down. Additionally, we see a new headline about hacked companies — including law firms — every week, with devastating details about security breaches. Simply put: today’s clients are rightfully concerned about time-waste in billable hours, and also about data security. Because of this, they are increasingly demanding proof of their lawyer’s and firm’s technological competency. How can you train your firm to competency and prove your worth to clients?

    • Understand the Problem: Contrary to stereotypes, this is not just about seasoned attorneys who refuse to learn new skills. Even the new hires coming in the door bring bad habits and risky tech behaviors. Your training program needs to reach them all.

    • Assessments and Benchmarks: Assess each of your employees’ skill sets and then establish individualized benchmarks for improvement. (Demanding one-size-fits-all training for everyone will kill learning in your firm faster than you can say, “That’s boring”.)

    • Create a Dynamic Learning Environment: Deliver technology training in ways that your employees can actually use: mobile, easily digestible, targeted topics, in-person, online and more. Make sure your training “bag-o-tricks” is diverse, customizable and trackable.

    • Engage Employees in Learning: From onboarding to ongoing learning, your employees need to understand the importance of their own learning progress. Savvy shares “The Top 3 Tips for Developing and Retaining Engaged Employees”.

    • Document Progress: Each quarter assess each learner’s progress (or lack thereof). Communicate congratulations and expectations for the coming quarter. (Hint: Partnering with HR in this step can give you extra leverage, such as a bonus structure for learning, or other rewards.)

  • Market Your Achievements: Include your progress in all marketing and RFP efforts. (Bonus: Even if your clients are not asking for proof yet, you can include your firm’s competency achievements in every single RFP to differentiate yourself from the competition today.)

Come away with a clear outline of steps that you can take to deliver the technological competency your firm’s current and future clients deserve.

Session is pending CLE credit approval.


Doug Striker - CEO, Savvy Training & Consulting

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