Preparing for the Legal Sector of the Future

When:  Jun 30, 2020 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)


The outbreak of #COVID-19 has posed a significant challenge to the way lawyers work. Teams need to be able to collaborate effectively even when working remotely, whilst many firms are also taking the opportunity to reassess some of their working practices and look for efficiencies across the business. Equally, the pandemic has helped to accelerate the trend towards greater legal tech adoption. In this webinar, Luminance will be speaking with Andrew Medeiros, Director of Practice Solutions at Pepper Hamilton about how legal professionals can best adapt to these changes in order to build dynamic legal teams, prepared to face an uncertain future.

With seemingly no industry or sector immune to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the projects that lawyers are working on are themselves changing, too. To successfully navigate this challenging environment, businesses need to receive clear, urgent answers about their contractual rights and obligations in order to mitigate risk. The pandemic will also inevitably give rise to a wave of disputes and complex litigation. Lawyers need to be equipped with the right tools and procedures to not only approach contractual reviews with speed, but also to deal with ensuing investigations robustly. Advanced AI technology can dramatically increase lawyers’ efficiency from day one and ensure that lawyers and their clients are rapidly appraised of what is contained within their datasets, thus putting them in the strongest possible legal position for negotiations or litigation.

Discussion will include:

  • Covid-19 as a catalyst for change
  • How lawyers are maintaining a quality service in exceptional circumstances
  • How traditional ways of working are being reassessed
  • How firms can quickly adopt new tools and practices in spite of ongoing disruption
  • Going forward what role will automation and platform technology play How lawyers can best advise their clients regarding contractual rights and obligations
  • How advanced AI can be used to transition from analysis to disputes / litigation
  • The distinction between supervised and unsupervised machine learning and why this matters to lawyers

*This content is being provided free of charge to all interested parties


Andrew Medeiros, Director of Practice Solutions at Pepper Hamilton LLP
Alex Ross, Sales Manager, Luminance
Jessica Romeo, Legal Product Expert, Luminance


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