Discover the proven advantages of OpenText Decisiv

When:  Apr 3, 2023 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

Join us in a live webinar to explore the benefits of AI-powered knowledge management using OpenText Decisiv, a search and insights solution that helps legal teams quickly find, share, and draw insights from enterprise legal content stored in all data silos, structured or unstructured. In today’s increasingly competitive world, accelerated speed to identifying relevant and hidden knowledge, internal expertise and experience is critical to meeting client demands, securing new clients and cases, reviewing precedents and outcomes and leveraging knowledge management for the strategic advantage. The faster you find what you need, faster you can meet client demands, take on new cases, leverage your firm’s collective IP and focus on higher-value work.

Hear about how OpenText MindServer, the AI search engine powering Decisiv, drives enterprise-level search and analysis across other OpenText legal tech platforms, including eDOCS legal content management and the Axcelerate eDiscovery and investigations platform, to enhance productivity, add value, and boost profits for your organization with indexing, analysis and metadata-driven search across your firm or organization.

Join veteran legal industry and OpenText Legal Tech expert Paul Obernuefemann to learn about:
How you and your team can dramatically improve productivity leveraging Decisiv to rapidly locate relevant and timely content to increase user content interaction, drive user satisfaction and increase adoption
Utilizing additional OpenText Legal Tech products to drive innovation across the enterprise legal landscape in your firm and expose the value and knowledge locked in your legal content
Design new legal protocols and automation processes to transform your content into a usable tool for client service, organizational success, and digital transformation of your existing content

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Nadia Riyasat