Let MatterLink fill your Information Gap

When:  Jun 15, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)


How do your attorneys and staff currently organize matter information?

Do your existing systems and processes provide easy access to matter data and facilitate collaboration for your team?

While you have probably put significant investment into your Document Management and Financial Management systems – is that enough?

MatterLink provides a practical approach to help your lawyers and staff manage their caseloads. Designed for Microsoft Office and to work with your existing document management and billing systems, MatterLink improves efficiency by keeping all matter information in one place, rather than scattered in inaccessible places where it can become obsolete and inaccurate.

We invite you to learn more and see an overview of MatterLink. Key benefits include:

• Improved organization, access, analysis, and use of matter information
• Easy tracking and reporting on matter data and custom information
• Matter based calendar, docket, and task management
• Matter based document automation and template automation
• Matter based contacts for related party and expert tracking
• Seamless integration with your document management system
• Tracking of matter assignments, notes, links, and outcomes
• Customization to meet your needs

Please join us for this fast-paced demonstration.

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