Workshop: AI-driven Problem Solving

When:  Feb 25, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)


The legal industry is now reaching a stage of maturity within technical innovation, where the benefits of adopting technologies like AI are becoming better known. The problem is that the technology itself is poorly understood. It can be tricky for legal professionals to know where and how to implement AI tools and capabilities. In this interactive session you will have opportunity to learn from and share with Thomson Reuters Labs about the basics of what AI can and can't do, and where it might most benefit your practice.

  • AI 101: Breaking down myths, high level review of tasks AI is best at improving
  • AI Use Cases: A closer look at AI in practice
  • Problem Space Investigation: A review of workflows and processes to learn about pain points where AI might add improvements or build efficiencies
  • Opportunity Voting: Audience voting on which pain points are most widely experienced
  • Rapid Solutioning: High-level ideation on how AI might be a solution for a particular pain point – intended to get ideas flowing only – audience will have opportunity to sign up for follow on sessions and workshops
  • Discussion: contribute to an active in session chat where we’ll review and discuss a handful of solution ideas

*Methods included and audience engagement tools depend on group size


Johannes Schleith, Lead Designer at Thomson Reuters Labs
Hella Hoffman, Senior Data Scientist, Thomson Reuters Labs


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