Next-Level Marketing: Leverage Your Operations

Wednesday, August 30, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

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Next-Level Marketing: Leverage Your Operations

Sponsored By: Calibrate Legal

Once considered the catch-all of nondescript administrative work, operational effectiveness has quietly taken a seat at the table in many progressive law firms, embraced as a way to fortify their organizations from the top down. As a result, today's marketing and business development (BD) professionals are looking for ways to capture and quantify their impact on the bottom line. They need hard data to gain support for their strategies from law firm leadership and revenue enablers. The emerging discipline of marketing operations offers tools to meet that need and more, from helping improve marketing/BD efficiency and organizational agility to measuring how that supports revenue growth. This focus on operations fosters an environment where people can work at their best and highest use to create competitive advantage for your firm, and takes you one step closer to eliminating opinion-based discussions about whether marketing is worth the investment.

In this webinar, you'll learn more about marketing operations as we review the results of Calibrate Legal's latest research study, which benchmarks how North American and UK law firms measure up against seven dimensions of marketing operations effectiveness. We'll also share the top areas of opportunity supported by these findings.

Jennifer Scalzi
is the founder and CEO of Calibrate Legal, an advisory firm that collaborates with law firm leaders to prove their contribution to their firm's bottom line. Jennifer has spent the last 17 years inside of, and as a consultant to, law firms. She utilizes that industry insight to develop modern services that prepare today's law firms for tomorrow's legal marketplace. Sophisticated talent plays a large role in that strategy, and Jennifer specializes in helping her clients find the best path forward when seeking to hire impact players in marketing, business development and communications roles.

Gordon Braun-Woodbury, Calibrate Legal's Marketing Operations Consultant, focuses on measuring business services functions to align internal systems and enhance performance. His methodology helps establish a definitive return on law firm human capital investments, resulting in actionable intel to inform future strategy. Gordon spent over 30 years at KPMG Canada, where built and led the marketing operations function, leading the implementation of a complex CRM system, creating a firm-wide digital marketing strategy and measurement scorecard, and overseeing a centre of excellence for proposals and pursuits.

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