Volunteer Week

Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration observed in many countries to promote and show appreciation for volunteerism and volunteering.

National Volunteer Week will be April 19 - 25, 2020

Thank You, Volunteers!

ILTA would not be ILTA without its dedicated volunteers. This includes our PPC volunteer leaders, Content Coordinating Team members, Relationship Coordinating Team, Conference Committees, Member Liaisons, event speakers, authors, and so many more individuals who keep ILTALand vibrant and future forward.

Do you have a volunteer story or words of wisdom about volunteering you'd like to share? Go ahead; share your story and show how ILTA Members and Business Partners are influencing ILTA, the Legal Technology Industry, and beyond!



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Featured #ILTAVolunteer Stories

I started volunteering with ILTA in 2013 on the SharePoint Symposium. As my career interests expanded, so did my volunteering interests. I have had the good fortune to be able to volunteer in different capacities with ILTA. I am currently serving as a volunteer on the KM Content Coordinating Team. It's provided an opportunity to expand my knowledge, form friendships, and interact with people facing similar challenges, and pursuing similar goals.

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Over the past few years, I've become increasingly involved with the ILTACON Planning Committee, and I can honestly say it's been one of the most rewarding professional experiences of my career. When you're an ILTA volunteer, you are working together with a larger team to accomplish a common goal. In the case of the ILTACON Planning Committee, it's to do what seems like the impossible -- make ILTACON even better than the previous year. Being a part of that working group, our first concern isn't somewhat awkward conversation over drinks and cheese plates (full disclosure, I love cheese plates). It's about 'how do we get this done.' For me, there is something specific about being in a working relationship with this group that makes every interaction fun and easy. On the way to the conference every year, I find connections and friendships that I treasure and I know will endure. I'm grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at ILTA, and I enthusiastically suggest anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of jumping in yet to do so with both feet. .

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When I first joined ILTA (nee LawNet) I was asked to become the Southern U.S. Regional Vice-President. ME? I had no idea what all that entailed at all. But, finally said yes, and a wonderful world opened up. A fun worthwhile journey of volunteering and assisting so many others, who also helped me out in my times of need; learning to step up and say "yes, I'll do it" and then learn how to do it and then do it again, better. Speaking, presiding, organizing, setting up meetings, discussions with vendors and members, networking, writing - each one of these I've done, and learned from doing it, not only for ILTA, but for my own personal life and career. I've met so many marvelous people from around the world that I can call friends, so now when I'm asked, "would you?" gladly will I answer yes, and keep on learning and growing. .

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My story started with my winning the Young Professional of the Year award in 2015. Since then, I have been very involved with ILTA as a speaker at ILTACON, an author for Peer to Peer, part of the Practice Management Content Coordination team, Leadership Group and Talent Council. This is my 5th year as an ILTA volunteer leader. At this point, ILTA is more than an organization I volunteer with. ILTA staff and other volunteers are like family to me now. Here's to many more awesome years to come!

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Coming from years on the service provider/vendor side into Biglaw tech meant I had a lot to learn, quickly. ILTA provided a great way to understand the vast universe of systems, roles, integrations and processes at play in a large law firm. It was incredibly helpful and I wanted to be able to share the same kind of information with others as a volunteer. My greatest volunteer experience with ILTA was participation in a panel at 2016’s ILTACON. The group I worked with had amazing insight, was really interested in developing and sharing the content creatively, and the planning felt like the best case scenario of a “group project”.

I would love to see more ILTA programs aimed at increasing diversity in legal technology careers.

For the past few years, I’ve been volunteering with the Legal Economic and Educational Advancement Project from Fordham University School of Law’s Feerick Center for Social Justice. LEEAP seeks to enhance the capacity of middle schools and high schools serving low-income populations and education-oriented community-based organizations to provide effective high school application and college readiness / application programming. In New York City, students may apply to public high school, and my volunteer work involves providing one-on-one and small group high school application assistance to 7th and 8th grade students. I also volunteer in other ad hoc projects sponsored by the New York Cares organization, such as cooking during holidays.

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I started out like most ILTA members do - a content consumer. ILTA offers so many types of regular content: Webinars, networking events, blogs, and conferences, to name just a few. After my second ILTACON in 2017, I thought to myself, "This conference is so rich with information, I'm learning so much here and meeting so many great people - I think I have something to offer, I want to contribute!" I knew all I had to to do become actively involved with ILTA was to apply to be a volunteer. As I considered this, I got nervous, and I became filled with doubt. "These folks really know their stuff. Surely there's nothing new I can bring to the table." I did not apply for a volunteer opportunity that year. The following year, after being bolstered by some kind words of encouragement from a few volunteer champions, I made the jump and applied. My first opportunity was a small, but important one - helping to flesh out the structure of the Area of Knowledge site for Innovation. Along the way, I met a handful of smart and creative people, and we put our heads together to create something useful. This year, I am a part of the ILTACON 2019 planning committee, working to plan and develop engaging and memorable sessions for this year's event. At ILTA, you get what you put in. My day job is managing a team of talented application engineers. The harder I push myself to be engaged with the organization, the more well-rounded I become to perform to my fullest potential, and inspire my team. And just like those kind folks who kept giving me gentle pushes to get engaged - let these be your words of encouragement. Get involved!

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I was invited to speak at the 2007 annual conference in the first ever track for marketing technology. I came in on a day pass and the entire experience got me hooked on ILTA. I’ve been volunteering in some capacity ever since and I am still connected to the people I met 10 years ago through ILTA. To grow a network of peers that you can reach out to any time to ask questions or bounce ideas around has been so helpful, and what I’ve learned from ILTA programs has guided me to try and suggest new ideas in my daily work. The opportunity to learn so much about technology used outside my area of focus has helped me collaborate better with other departments in my firm.

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I’ve been an ILTA volunteer for over 10 years, serving in many different capacities. It has allowed me to meet new people and keep in touch with old friends. I’ve learned much through the years and served in difficult times. The most amazing thing about being a volunteer is seeing people, who often don’t know each other well at first, come together to solve problems. It is done selflessly and is its own reward. There is no monetary gain, yet the experience and the memories are priceless.

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I've been an active ILTA volunteer for about 13 years and have served in some of the most time-intensive roles including conference co-chair, board chair and talent council. For every hour of time I've given, the value I've received in return has been 10-fold! I've had the opportunity to try, fail and succeed in a safe place, always surrounded and supported by incredible leaders, colleagues and friends. Not every moment has been easy, but every moment has been well worth it! And the hardest moments have been some of the most valuable, rewarding experiences of my career. I'm grateful for those who served before me, those who serve with me and those who will serve after me - the volunteer leadership continuum is an incredible thing to be a part of!

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I was introduced by a previous volunteer, Kathryn McCarthy, to my local ILTA community, and she got me working on some local events. It inspired me to contribute more and continue to support my peers and the ILTA organization. My volunteerism with ILTA extends to every part of my workday. What I learn and glean from my peers and counterparts across the country help me every day in my job. From coaching and mentoring local member liaisons, to moderating or participating in panel discussions, or even working on a session for conference, it’s everywhere. The learning and professional development resources really extend a long way and we are working to make them even stronger at every turn! The ILTA membership is strong, smart, savvy, and powerful. All of these qualities are reflected through me in my work and shine back on ILTA.

I think so many of the volunteer experiences at ILTA are rewarding. Between social events, content development, networking – how can you compare? If I had to pick one thing I’d say it’s the friendships that have extended beyond ILTA into my personal life. I am very lucky to have the people who contribute to my experience in my life.

In my outside life, I volunteer with the local community college. I assist the faculty in the ceramics studio with technical duties or mixing glazes, loading and unloading kilns, repairing and maintaining studio equipment. I also coach and mentor students and build sculpture.

Volunteering in any facet of your life is very rewarding and important in rounding your life. So many of us pour everything we have into one experience. Take a taste of something bigger. Push yourself – even if just a little. You’ll be surprised what it does for you and the impact it has for those around you. Share YOU.

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I did not get involved with ILTA until 2005 when I had just joined my second firm in Miami, FL. I'd been to InterAction admin training in freezing cold Chicago and met some great folks from different industries and different countries. A few months later my DB admin, Jennifer Daphne Heltsley showed me a cute little heart shaped item she received in the mail. It was the squished up t-shirt announcing a group's name change from LawNet to i/+^. She is the one who really introduced me to ILTA, how to get a login, how to read the listservs. I bet she still has that t-shirt. I quickly got quite involved with the User Support Peer Group and when a post asked for volunteers to help manage the group popped up, I figured why not? During our first conference call the Peer Group VP, Honora Wade, was delegating areas of responsibility and needed two of us to team up to be responsible for the quarterly (I think it was quarterly?) production of webinars for the membership. I was paired with a Canadian woman named Asima Macci. She was very excited to work together and her enthusiasm was catchy. Something was scratching at the back of my head. I sudden light bulb went on and I blurted out, "Wait, don't I know you from somewhere? Why is your name so familiar?" "Yes", she said, "Don't you remember, we spent three days together at InteraAction training!" Asima and I have stayed close as peers and friends ever since. You meet ILTAns in the most random places and they stick with you forever. Sometimes they even let you live with them for three months while you get your life together, like Anita Evans did for me. It started out with me loving her profile picture of her dog and has turned into a lifetime friendship. #WeAreILTA

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My first volunteer work for ILTA was stuffing conference bags way back at Camelback. I met some new folks, had some great conversations and that experience led to volunteering on conference committee, many, many speaking engagements at conference, all the way to a stint with the ILTA Board of Directors. Working with so many bright, dedicated people, having conversations with them, helped me build the confidence I needed to move technology forward at my firm. Knowing there was a network of like-minded folks who also found the time to volunteer was beneficial to me career wise and from a personal perspective. Volunteerism had a positive impact on my career and I would encourage anyone new to ILTA to volunteer to help out in any way you can. You may be surprised at just how much you enjoy it.

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