ILTA fosters, relies on and celebrates volunteers for their real-world experiences and their value as a resource for colleagues.

Volunteerism takes on many forms and ranges from something as simple as sharing an idea in one of the community discussion groups to leadership roles in one of the organization’s core programming delivery teams. The opportunities ILTA provides can deliver great benefits to both individual volunteers and their firms/organizations. Learn more about volunteering. If your primary market is legal, you'll benefit from our vendor opportunities.




Speak: From conference sessions to webinars to podcasts and more, we're always looking for ILTA members to share their knowledge and experiences. Here's how you can present at an ILTA event:

  • Keep Your Profile Updated
    It's important to maintain a current ILTA profile. Provide a bio and designate up to five areas of expertise.

  • Note Your Interests
    Within your ILTA profile, select what types of volunteer activities in which you're interested.

  • Contact ILTA Staff
    With your profile updated, we'll be able to find you as we're looking for presenters to speak on particular areas of expertise. If you're eager to do more, contact Susan McClellan.

 Consider contributing your expertise in an article for ILTA! One of our most valued resources is our volunteer authors — knowledgeable and experienced legal technology professionals who come from the ranks of our member and vendor communities. Our editorial team will help you through the process, from your initial “pitch” to final review.
Plan: We continuously need to plan for future programming, and our volunteers are a critical part in the planning process. We encourage you to apply for any of the Current Volunteer Openings that are a good fit for your skill set and experience. A complete list of volunteer positions is below.

Volunteer Positions

    • Board of Directors: The Board of Directors (BOD) has authority and responsibility for the governance of ILTA. The Board establishes policy and monitors implementation of policy by ILTA’s staff under the direction of the Executive Director. The BOD does not manage the business affairs of the organization, but may be called upon by the Executive Director for review of particular business matter decisions as warranted.
    • Program Planning Council: The Program Planning Council is an appointed team of volunteers responsible for delivering ILTA's programming framework. The Program Planning Council comprises subject-matter experts in various areas of disciplines, representatives from our conference planning teams and representatives who focus on our law firm and law department members' needs at local and international levels.
    • Content Coordinating Team: A Content Coordinating Team member will review the specific areas of focus, target audiences, deliverable numbers and topics that fall under their area of discipline. The team develops programming deliverables for law firm, law department, local and international audiences and directs deliverables to be executed by Project Teams.
    • Relationship Coordinating Team: The Relationship Coordinating Team selects and mentors volunteers that focus on supporting and meeting the needs of our members at a local level (both firm and law department members). They also help foster the relationship members have with the association.
    • Knowledge Advisor: Knowledge Advisors are big thinkers who bring an entrepreneurial, visionary mindset to the development of "hot themes" — those overarching, critical concepts — that can be explored and developed into programming deliverables by ILTA's Program Planning Council. Their creative process is unconstrained and fluid, and they are one of many resources to inform the development of ILTA's deliverables.
    • Talent Council: The Talent Council is a standing committee tasked with the ongoing development of leaders within the organization through programming, coaching and mentoring efforts aimed at helping individuals develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to serve as an effective leader and, if applicable, Board member. During the biennial election process, the Talent Council solicits nominations, vets all potential candidates and prepares for the Board its recommended slate of seven individuals and their roles.
    • Strategic Relationship Liaison: The responsibility of the Strategic Relationship Liaison (SRL) is to develop and maintain a strong relationship with their assigned key strategic vendor by providing effective, regular communications between the key strategic vendor, volunteer leaders, the association and its membership.
    • Member Liaison: The responsibility of a Member Liaison is to provide and enhance value to ILTA's members by focusing on opportunities for member relationships, education and collaboration. Member Liaisons help members build relationships with each other and ILTA, and they act as advocates on behalf of the membership to the association.
    • Project Team: Project Teams will be assembled as needs arise. Some project teams will have a singular focus and dissolve once their deliverable is complete; others could be scoped to extend over a longer period with multiple goals. If you'd like to get involved, contact Nicole Martinez.
    • ILTACON 2018 Co-Chair: ILTACON Co-Chairs are responsible for achieving the strategic goals for the educational content of ILTA’s premier educational and networking event.
    • ILTACON 2018 Planning Committee: The responsibility of an ILTACON Planning Committee member is to work as part of a team to develop the ILTACON educational program, within ILTA's programming framework. The Committee comprises subject-matter experts and thought leaders in various areas of discipline and member segments.
    • ILTACON 2018 Team Coordinators: The responsibility of an ILTACON Team Coordinator is to lead a subset of the ILTACON planning committee in developing ILTACON educational sessions. The Committee comprises subject-matter experts and thought leaders in various areas of discipline and member segments, and to coach and lead ILTACON Committee members.
    • ILTACON — Corporate Legal Day Project Team: A small team of law department and legal operations member volunteers will assist in the development of the educational sessions at ILTA’s Corporate Legal Day at ILTACON. This project team will have a few calls to discuss topic ideas, suggest speakers and develop the session description and content for the four sessions. They will also provide potential sponsor contacts and assist in marketing the event.
    • Law Firm 101 – Law School Track Advisory Team: The Law Firm 101 Law School Track Advisory Team will be a small group of member volunteers working on a long-term strategic initiative to deliver programming content focused on ILTA's Law Firm 101 law school track.
    • LegalSEC Chair: The responsibility of the LegalSEC Chair is to help set the strategic direction of ILTA’s LegalSEC initiative in providing information, resources and education to improve the security posture of the global legal community.
    • LegalSEC Steering Committee: The LegalSEC Steering Committee is responsible for outlining the goals of and identifying deliverables for the LegalSEC initiative, using the content coordinating teams and the LegalSEC Council members on a per-project basis.
    • LegalSEC Summit Planning Committee Co-Chair: The LegalSEC Summit Co-Chairs (two) are responsible for the educational content of the summit, selection and leadership of the Summit Planning Committee, oversight of educational session development and chairing planning meetings. They liaise with the LegalSEC Steering Committee and ILTA's Program Planning Council and have a role in developing and executing ILTA's 2016 programming framework as it relates to security.
    • LegalSEC Summit Planning Committee: LegalSEC Summit Planning Committee members will use their subject-matter expertise related to information security issues to develop and execute approximately two educational sessions and to collaborate with the rest of the Planning Committee to finalize a complete slate of LegalSEC Summit sessions.

Current Volunteer Openings