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    Agreed, very well said Judy.

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Very interesting discussion.  In my experience (first on the IT side then on the vendor side) I think it really comes down to user experience.  No matter how shiny and slick the new product is (or has ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Well said, Judy.  I have experienced what you just described first hand. ------------------------------ Cindy Foellmer Sidley Austin LLP Applications Manager Chicago IL Number of Lawyers: 2000 Number ...

  • Posted in: Public Open Forum

    Hey Folks,  Just so I don't come off as totally off the deep end when it comes to back-office personnel, below is another quote from the same article Jeff posted. :-) "To be fair, not all back-office ...

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    I don't think the finger can be pointed at one group as being the reason for lack of adoption, but rather the breakdown of communication. Sometimes IT tries to implement solutions that don't meet the ...

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    I have appreciated the conversation here. Many excellent points have been made. Certainly there are surprises (sometimes on both sides, professional staff and lawyer) due to failures in communications ...

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