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Jeffrey Richards is the IT Manager at Trucker Huss, APC. Trucker Huss works with some of the country’s largest companies and union sponsored and Taft-Hartley trust funds, handling sophisticated and varied employee benefits issues.  Trucker Huss also represents mid-sized and small employers, public sector union and association plans, plan fiduciaries, institutional trustees, other law firms, benefits consulting firms, insurance brokers, accounting firms, third party administrators and other services providers.  He started in January of 2018 after 9 years as the Director of Information Technology at Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP.  Wendel is an Oakland-based law firm serving a diverse clientele of business, public and individual clients on transactional and civil litigation matters in several related fields. Prior to commencing his role at Wendel Rosen, Jeffrey was the Senior Consulting Engineer at Volant Consulting, a San Francisco-based firm that delivers technology solutions and services to a diverse array of businesses. Jeffrey has a mix of both service provider and law firm experience in the legal technology industry.​​