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Chief Information Officer,
Butzel Long, P.C.

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Butzel Long, P.C.

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Chief Information Officer,
Butzel Long, P.C.


A Senior Leader and Change Agent with experience as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Operations Director, Global Data Consultant, National Sales & Marketing Director, Customer Services Director, Project Manager and Agile Coach, Software Developer, Recruiter, and more.

Leadership – I have led teams of all sizes, shapes, and flavors. My leadership experience spans six continents across multiple industries including legal, property & casualty insurance, energy and utilities, call center, manufacturing, and staffing. It’s all about the team. Each individual on the team needs to understand the vision and align their own success with that of the team so that everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Delivering Solutions – I help deliver solutions that stick, ones that will hold after I walk away or turn my attention to something else. It’s about the underlying business, processes, systems, and culture. Strategic solutions aren’t just laid on top of whatever is already in place; they are integrated and become part of the fabric of an organization.

Measurement – Peter Drucker said, “Nothing measured, nothing managed.”, and it’s so true. Measure what’s meaningful, what will move things forward. Metrics can be motivational, uniting, clarifying, or they can be onerous, divisive, and confusing. Make sure you have the right ones in place, use them properly, and make them part of your daily conversation.

Raising the Bar – Live by example. Always leave everything better than you found it, and expect the same of others.

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