Paul Hogan

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Throughout my career, I have excelled as a technology innovator, developer, strategist, mentor, and executive. I continuously seek the opportunity to apply my talent, creativity, and determination to generate profound organizational improvements through process automation and performance management.

As an experienced leader, I have sought to empower my teams by creating, improving, and documenting effective workflows, crafting consistent performance standards, and providing thoughtful coaching and feedback.

My notable accomplishments include:

2013: Designed and deployed out new suite of features in PartnerView, Discovia's client portal.

2013: Managed a successful transition to new leadership structure in Discovia's operations department.

2012: Leading a team of ten technicians and engineers who provide high-level administration and 24x7 support for a highly sophisticated online eDiscovery review application.

2012: In fewer than 24 hours, developing a custom application to analyze the metadata of 45000 documents and provide the client with the data necessary to successfully deter an anticipated spoliation claim.

2011: Piloting, testing and deploying LAW Prediscovery to bring eDiscovery processing in house and realize considerable cost savings for the clients.

2006: Single-handedly executing the migration of a million-record, flat-file, home-grown legal records database to a modern relational database, including developing all conversion routines, writing documentation and training the end users.

2003; Building a custom email metadata processing and review application and providing real-time analysis to counsel during depositions.

1998: Serving as principal programmer in the development team that created and maintained one of the first online discovery document repositories.

1992: Creating a searchable trial exhibit database using Summation and participating at trial as technical liaison to the senior partner.