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Philip Homburger is the President and CEO of Synaptec Software. Phil has been involved with LawBase for all 38 years of its existence. He was the initial programmer of LawBase and has been instrumental in its growth into one of the leading case and matter management solutions on the market today.

Mr. Homburger earned his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University. He has completed many continuing education forums and participates as a speaker for many civic and professional organizations. He has also presented numerous times at industry trade shows including ABA TechShow, AAJ Annual Convention, LegalTech, Texas Legal Technology, ILTA and various state and local gatherings.

Phil spends his time away from the office with his family, including four children. The Homburger family has provided foster care to over 30 children over the years. Phil was also quite involved with a local soccer club that provides soccer instruction for over 5000 kids.

Prior to founding Synaptec Software Mr. Homburger had an extensive career in providing software solutions tailored to the needs of specific industries ranging in size from sole proprietorships to the Fortune 100. He developed what became the nation’s leading software system for veterinary offices and has created software for fields as diverse as commodity brokers to casket manufacturers.