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Barbara is the Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation at Rocha, Marinho E Sales Advogados, one of the biggest law firms in the Northeast of Brazil (with 900+ employees). 

She holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B) from the Federal University of Ceara (Fortaleza, Brazil), a Post Graduation Degree in Strategic Planning for Law Firms from Getulio Vargas Foundation (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and an MBA in Leadership and Business Management from Saint Paul Business School (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Barbara started her career in 1999 as an English teacher and, in 2005, while she was in her last year of Law School, she was hired as an intern at Rocha, Marinho E Sales Advogados, where she’s been working since then.

Prior to her current role, she spent over 10 years handling cases in civil litigation and got specialized in appeals to the Highest Courts in Brazil. Her interest in technology and in process improvement led her on a path to Knowledge Management, and she ended up setting up a KM function at her firm.

She now leads a talented team of professionals, including lawyers, programmers and business process analysts, who are responsible for improving the firm's internal processes, developing innovative solutions to achieve corporate goals and other knowledge-sharing initiatives.

Barbara has attended several conferences and seminars on legal technology and innovation around the globe over the past years and she has spoken at the Ark Group KM Legal 2018, in New York City.