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LegalSEC Summit 2019 Education Program Co-chair

Signup Deadline: 10-15-2018
Starts: 11-01-2018
Ends: 06-07-2019


The LegalSEC Summit Education Program Co-Chairs provide oversight of the educational program of the Summit, to ensure it provides value for ILTA members as the premier educational and networking information security event for the legal sector. They focus the efforts of the educational program on solving security challenges in legal organizations and improving the security posture of the global legal community.

The Co-Chairs work with the Executive Chair, LegalSEC Steering Committee and ILTA staff, leading the volunteer team that develops the education sessions within learning pathways for specified target audiences.

LegalSEC Summit Co-Chairs serve a 9 month term (ends with the evaluation and final reports following the Summit). This role averages approximately 8-10 hours a month.

LegalSEC Summit Co-Chairs do not receive compensation for their services but may be reimbursed for expenses, including the registration fee for the Summit.

The Co-Chairs are responsible for achieving the strategic goals for the Summit by:

  • setting strategic goals, target audiences and planning structure for the Summit with the Executive Chair and ILTA staff and within ILTA’s programming framework
  • developing educational themes and focuses for the Summit
  • participating in regular meetings (at least weekly) by voice and/or video
  • working with ILTA staff to:
         select, lead, coach, mentor and inspire the Summit planning team
         oversee the development of the comprehensive Summit education program, meeting task and event deadlines
  • delivering high-quality educational sessions that bring value to attendees and their supporting organizations
  • leveraging the expertise of internal and external communities
  • structuring and managing the speaker selection process and speaker experience
  • embracing an agile, nimble and flexible approach to Summit planning, participating in the continuous improvement process and problem solving
  • attending the Summit (June 3 - 5, 2019), providing public welcome and introductions, and facilitating wrap-up sessions
  • willing to abide by ILTA's Conflict of Interest Policy


System Qualifications:


Volunteers Needed:

2 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

1 to 3 Years Industry Experience




Gaynor Senyszyn
Director of Education