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With over 10 years of experience in every facet of the legal records field, Ms. Jimenez has a unique perspective of both the needs of the end users as well as the demands of the technologists. Understanding the critical need for open communication and collaboration between these two groups, Ms. Jimenez is a strong liaison who effectively translates complex issues to end users and skillfully articulates end user requirements to IT. Recent projects include: Project management for rollout of firm conversion to a matter-centric data management system, including email organization and migration. Ms. Jimenez has helped several hundred attorneys move email from one system to another. These mailboxes represent varying size including several with over 300,000 emails. This work has allowed for a large reduction of emails and mailbox size on the Exchange servers. Additionally, the use of deduping in iManage has allowed for a reduction in the overall storage size. Development of adapted workflows and processes as a result of shifts in software and technologies, without interference in the day-to-day functions of a law firm. By working with core firm administrative groups, including New Business and Calendar, to move away from shared mailboxes to using email connected iManage workspaces to process incoming requests, Ms. Jimenez was instrumental in allowing the firm to eliminate the creation of shared mailboxes in Exchange. Additional project experience: Led the records team through a smooth and seamless transfer and coordination of records amongst multiple offices around the globe, including the transfer of records upon closure of a 100+ person office.This coordinated process involved movement of several thousand boxes daily to multiple receiving firms or to storage facilities around the world.