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Director of Customer Success


Monica has worked in legal training for 16 years and in corporate training for 13 years before that. She is applying her coursework from the Suffolk Law School's Legal Innovation & Technology in her new position as McGinnis Lochridge's Applications Specialist and DMS Admin. She has taught at the University Of Colorado's law school on three separate occasions, focusing on helping the students pass the Legal Technology Assessment by D. Casey Flaherty and Dean Andrew Perlman. Monica’s past training work with law firms was founded on the principles of candidate pre-evaluation, concrete learning plans and defined learning goals. She is a Microsoft Certified Office Master (CMOM) in six versions of MS Office, an Office Specialist in three segments of Office 2013 and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). She served on ILTA's User Support Peer Group Steering Committee and has repeatedly been a speaker at ILTA's annual conferences.