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Back for 2022, with a new round of exciting Guests!

Hosted by Cindy MacBean and ILTA's Beth Anne Stuebe, we're coming straight to your earbuds with new and engaging content! Looking to catch up on older episodes? Check out Season 1, below, which began 2019 when ILTA unveiled its new, multi-channel publication, Bleeding Edge! Season 1 had 9 Episodes, with a diverse set of Guests, was hosted by Joe Davis and ILTA's Beth Anne Stuebe.

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Season 2

Episode 5  //  April 2022

Benjamin Alaire

This is Bleeding Edge, Season 2, Episode 5: Benjamin Alaire. Bleeding Edge is hosted by Cindy MacBean and ILTA's Beth Anne Stuebe, and we're coming straight to your earbuds with new and engaging content! ILTA Podcasts!

Episode 4  //  July 2021

Soliciting Attorney Input & Feedback

 For Season 2, Episode #4, featuring Jeff Pfeifer of LexisNexis, where we sit down and discuss soliciting attorney input and why feedback is important in legal tech product design, plus more! Tune in now!

Episode 3  //  June 2021

Tech, Security, and so much more!

 For Episode 3, we’re speaking with Kenya Parrish-Dixon, the General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer of Empire Technologies Risk Management Group, a cybersecurity, Information Governance, eDiscovery, and Managed Review consulting company. Join us as we talk Tech, Security, and so much more!

Episode 2  //  April 2021

Creating Certainty from Uncertainty: Charting a Strategic Path Forward

 And we're back for another exciting episode. Our guest is Barry Solomon, a dedicated ILTA volunteer who is the Vice President, Firm Intelligence Business unit at Litera. Today we will discuss "Creating Certainty from Uncertainty: Charting a Strategic Path Forward." Tune in now!

Episode 1  //  December 2020

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back

 Our first episode for Season Two, “The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back”, takes a hard look at the ever-changing world and legal tech marketplace. ILTA sits down with Joey Seeber, CEO at Level Legal, and the discussion covers a broad range of topics: there’s something here for every legal technologist!

Season 1

Episode 9

Changes in Law Firm Ownership

In this edition, host Joe Davis talks with the founder and CEO of Hire An Esquire, Julia Shapiro. When she was a contract attorney, she became fascinated with the world of contract attorneys and how they fit in the law firm landscape. The entrepreneur in her thought there had to be a better way, and Hire An Esquire was born back in 2011. Today the company has a network of over 12,000 vetted legal professionals, which gives her an interesting perspective on the changes in the profession – particularly the changes in law firm ownership that Utah and California are exploring.

Episode 8

Law Firm Realization Rates

Welcome to another edition of ILTA’s Bleeding Edge, in which Joe Davis talks to journalist Roy Strom about recent trends in law firm realization rates. Roy writes the weekly Big Law Business column for Bloomberg Law, which looks at the trends affecting the business practices of top firms.

Episode 7

Tips for Successful Innovation

In this episode, Joe talks with Dennis Kennedy about legal innovation. Dennis is a technology lawyer, law professor, consultant, blogger, podcaster, and author of the new book Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law - A practical guide for law firms, law departments and other legal organizations. Dennis has also written a free PDF called 57 Tips for Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law. Tip #1 on this list is “Get to work on innovation however you define it, and let others talk about definitions while you are getting work done,” so Joe begins by asking Dennis about his definition of innovation.

Episode 6

Is there actual innovation going on?

In this session, Joe catches up with Ron Friedmann, Chief Knowledge and Information Officer at LAC Group. Ron has served in a variety of legal technology roles over the years. He is also a popular conference speaker and a prolific blogger. He was recently asked to participate on panels about innovation for both ILTA and AALL, and helped to put together a survey to help understand the current state of innovation in the legal space.

Episode 5

Legal AI Efficacy Report

Welcome to Episode 5 of ILTA’s Bleeding Edge. In this session, Joe Davis sits down with Brad Blickstein, principal of the Blickstein Group. Brad has been involved in the legal industry strategist, advisor and futurist for almost 30 years. The Blickstein Group recently released their Legal AI Efficacy Report, which was the topic of Joe and Brad’s conversation.

Episode 4

Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)

In this new episode, Joe Davis sits down with Meg McEvoy to discuss Alternative Fee Arrangements or AFAs. Meg is a Legal Analyst at Bloomberg Law who helped put together the Bloomberg Law 2019 Legal Operations and Technology Survey. She is also a co-host of Bloomberg Law’s new podcast Law X.0. In this Bleeding Edge episode, Joe and Meg talk about AFAs, how technology is involved, and whether the billable hour will go away anytime soon.

Episode 3

Analytics: Judgement Still Out

Thanks for joining us for another installment of Bleeding Edge! For episode three, we sit down with Richard Tromans, Publisher and Editor of Artificial Lawyer, who is also a subject matter expert on law firm strategy and innovation. As we dive right in, Joe Davis, leads this interview into the recent French Justice Reform Act that prohibits modern analytics techniques.

Episode 2

CCPA, GDPR, and what’s up in California?

For episode two, we sit down with Mark Diamond CEO and Founder of Contoural, to talk about the California privacy law (CCPA), personal data, who has to comply, GDPR similarities, and more, as we move ever-toward the Bleeding Edge…

Episode 1

Windows is new again? Bleeding Edge Explores

In this inaugural episode of Bleeding Edge, hosts Joe Davis and Beth Anne Stuebe sit down with Jay Parekh, Partner and Director of Legal Vertical Practice at Netrix. Jay, who is based out of Chicago, specializes in IT solutions and strategies and has a keen interest in Windows and Windows 10.