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Dearest ILTANs!

by Joy Heath Rush

W elcome to our first issue of P2P for 2019! (Warning: you will be hearing the word “firsts” a lot in this column.) As I write to you today, I am reflecting on the issue of firsts. Not only is this the first P2P of the new year, it is also my first column as CEO of ILTA. This month, you will see our first issues in the re-launch of our HomeBase and PartnerCentral e-newsletters. In late April/early May, we hope to see you at our first-ever innovation and young professionals events.

Actually, my original plan for this column was to reflect on Servant Leadership – that will be a theme across all my columns in 2019. However, first allow me to indulge a little more in a reflection on firsts.

Earlier this month, I had the honor and privilege (and believe me, it was a humbling experience) to represent ILTA at the Army Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for 2019. Held in the Kennedy Caucus Chamber of the Russell Senate Office Building, the Army Women’s Foundation celebrated its 50th anniversary by elevating to the Hall of Fame a dozen women who had all been, in some way, first. Included in the honorees were Brigadier General Clara Adam-Ender, the first Army nurse to become a base commander (Ft. Belvoir), and Colonel Bonnie Koppel, the first woman in Army history to be a Rabbi Chaplain. She served for 38 years. I was present to recognize the posthumous induction of ILTA volunteer leader Sharon Swartworth. Sharon was the first woman to achieve the Chief Warrant Officer 5 status – among other firsts.

What do these firsts have in common? Servant leadership. General Adams-Ender began her career service by providing skilled medical care to military men and women around the globe. Colonel Koppel spent nearly four decades ministering to the spiritual needs of those same men and women.

We at ILTA also strive to lead in order to serve – leading in the quality of relevant educational content, in the facilitation of meaningful networking opportunities, and in the exposure of revolutionary and disruptive technologies and business trends. In all these ways, we assist our participants in being their best at work and elevate and aspire support for the legal profession.

The best way to lead is to serve.
Thank you for allowing me to serve all of you.
BTW, Happy Women’s History Month!

Warm regards to all! ILTA
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