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Recordings & Presentations

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A variety of audio podcasts are available in our resource library. ILTA members can also subscribe to ILTA podcasts via iTunes or RSS.  

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Available handouts and/or transcripts from past webinars are available below in our resource library. Also see our upcoming webinars.

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Many past ILTA events have recordings and presentation materials available. Find a full list of event recordings in our resource library categorized by year, or see the most recent recordings further below on this page. We also have recent conference event recordings that you might find of interest: 

 ILTACON (08.28.16 - 09.01.16)
 Leadership NEW.0 Seminar (11.10.16)
 INSIGHT (11.17.16)
 SharePoint Symposium (05.22.17 - 05.23.17)
 LegalSEC Summit (06.12.17 - 06.14.17)

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7 days ago

Learn how to use Citrix's new enhancements for improved security, monitoring and management of your XenDesktop or XenApp environment, on premises or in the cloud. Get a preview of ...

7 days ago

Does the mere mention of a new Windows upgrade make your legal staff run away in fear? Does talk of implementing a learning management system get met with blank stares? Do you find ...

8 days ago

Many law firms now operate in low- or no-growth markets, and to prosper in these challenging conditions, they must sell harder and keep existing clients happy. Firms must reduce costs, ...

15 days ago

In this webinar, we will discuss two specific threats to enterprise email security: spymails and spoofed emails.

About Spymail:
You already know email attachments contain sensitive ...

17 days ago

We get it. It feels like users need to run with local admin rights, at least occasionally, to get their jobs done. If you take them away, applications stop working, the operating ...

22 days ago

As more and more of our work is done electronically and with more mobility, cybersecurity continues to grow in importance. The days when the cause of a cybersecurity incident was ...

23 days ago

When is it appropriate to push your agenda? As a woman, what is the best way to engage with leadership to get your ideas heard and enacted? In this webinar, successful women will ...

28 days ago

This session will give listeners a good overview of current trends in the industry and enable them to align their business plans and professional development accordingly.

Tom ...

one month ago

In this short presentation, you'll learn ways to develop strong listening skills, understand why we need to listen effectively and what some strategic listening skills are. Many of ...

one month ago

On September 21, litigation support professionals gathered to participate in ILTA's Ohio Litigation Support Statewide Meeting. Participants spent the day learning, networking and sharing ...