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A variety of audio podcasts are available in our resource library. ILTA members can also subscribe to ILTA podcasts via iTunes or RSS.  

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Available handouts and/or transcripts from past webinars are available below in our resource library. Also see our upcoming webinars.

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Many past ILTA events have recordings and presentation materials available. Find a full list of event recordings in our resource library categorized by year, or see the most recent recordings further below on this page. We also have recent conference event recordings that you might find of interest: 

 Leadership NEW.0 Seminar (11.02.17)
 INSIGHT (11.16.17)
LegalSEC Summit (06.12.18 - 06.13.18)
 ILTACON (08.20.18 - 08.23.18)

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16 hours ago

In this webinar, you'll learn about Citrix Cloud deployment options and benefits. Whether your organization is just beginning to adopt the cloud or has already achieved a cloud-first ...

2 days ago

The implementation of the perfect experience database and proposal automation solution is a delicate dance between business rules driven by the marketing/business development team and ...

5 days ago

In this installment of the O365 series, Donna, Jeffrey and Sherry will review highlights from their related ILTACON and webinar sessions, showcase resources made available to all from ...

8 days ago

However, ensuring that the data is accurate, especially when there may be a high volume of legacy and third-party contracts, can be a time consuming and expensive project for any organization.

In ...

9 days ago

Join us for a three-part webinar series exploring competitive intelligence (CI) in law firms. In the first session, we will explore why CI is needed and how to get started. In the second ...

14 days ago

Join this webinar to discover why firms big, medium and small need to begin analyzing how the cloud fits into their organization and how they should begin their approach. Every organization ...

18 days ago

Kenny, Brenda and Heath discuss risk and probability-based incident and business continuity roundtables. Topics range from the who, what and why of testing to scenario options, roundtable ...

21 days ago

Welcome to Evolving KM, a podcast where we discuss how Knowledge Management is progressing and the impact that’s having on KM professionals. In each episode, we interview people who ...

22 days ago

Artificial Intelligence, technology-assisted review (TAR), supervised machine learning -- the terminology of today's ediscovery industry can sound like something that only Hollywood ...

22 days ago

Attorneys and clients are raising their expectations on IT's ability to mitigate risk, protect data and minimize downtime. Gain assistance with these demands; don't miss this webinar ...