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Recordings & Presentations

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A variety of audio podcasts are available in our resource library. ILTA members can also subscribe to ILTA podcasts via iTunes or RSS.  

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Available handouts and/or transcripts from past webinars are available below in our resource library. Also see our upcoming webinars.

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Many past ILTA events have recordings and presentation materials available. Find a full list of event recordings in our resource library categorized by year, or see the most recent recordings further below on this page. We also have recent conference event recordings that you might find of interest: 

 Leadership NEW.0 Seminar (11.02.17)
 INSIGHT (11.16.17)
LegalSEC Summit (06.12.18 - 06.13.18)
 ILTACON (08.20.18 - 08.23.18)

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19 hours ago

In this webinar, we will be discussing corporate in-house and law firm perspectives on legal operations analytics and reporting. We'll give our thoughts on what analytics we find most ...

2 days ago

Join us for this webinar as representatives from four firms discuss their perspectives and insights about the future of pricing and legal project management (LPM). Our panel will share ...

5 days ago

Please join us during this quarter's knowledge management virtual roundtable as we discuss all things ILTACON 2018. KM professionals will highlight what they heard, what their favorite ...

8 days ago

Please join us during this quarter's financial management virtual roundtable as we discuss all things ILTACON 2018. We'll highlight what our panel heard, what their favorite takeaways ...

9 days ago

Welcome to Evolving KM, a podcast where we discuss how Knowledge Management is progressing and the impact it is having on KM professionals. In each episode, we interview people who ...

10 days ago

As new attorneys join your organization, it is important to familiarize them with knowledge management (KM) as soon as possible, so they can immediately engage with the KM process and ...

13 days ago

While many law firms have made substantial investments in innovation, a recent survey by Thompson Hine found that 96 percent of in-house respondents reported that innovation was rare ...

14 days ago

Learn about several different types of distance learning, including tips to help you prepare and make your training a success.

Thomas Perkins - Contractor / Consultant Senior ...

17 days ago

How bulletproof is your network? Everyone knows what basic prevention measures to have in place, but we should still be afraid. How can you improve and customize the security posture ...

17 days ago

Everyone has a plan… until they get attacked. How would your firm really respond if a major breach happened to your network? Are you ready? We’ll interview the CISO of DLA Piper about ...