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Driving Change Management

ILTA technology survey, change management...change management and adoption and the ways...through the change management journey, we will

 04-21-2020 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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Change Management - It Can Be Done!

Change Management Every January many of...organized under the topic of change management...This past week members discussed and more. This week’s ILTACON TV

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How Elements of Change Management Can Help in a Crisis

change management can help place structure...Paul Duffy How Elements of Change...Management Can Help in a Crisis We...have heard that change is the new normal

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Change Management Can Increase Adoption of New Legal Tools

you have a good change management program...change management in the legal profession has...change management? With so many great new...problem is that change literally hurts and it

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Change, Lawyers and LPM

Change is a tricky thing for most. It...project management principles. But, what is...project management for lawyers really? At...its most basic, legal project management

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Embracing Change: Lessons from an Immigrant

changes, ultimately living with my grandmother...learn how to embrace change. Multiple times...That experience changed me forever and...influenced who I am today. I view change as a

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Dooley Noted – The management book that changed the way I practice

there are a lot of business management books...“ingredients” to improve the management of time...avoid the stigma of your everyday called Switch – How To Change Things

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To change or not to change? - Seeing the light of LPM

significant change management initiative. [As...behavioural change. So what’s involved in change what people do? I ask Susan...Project Management Institute, to share her