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Change Management Tools for Success - Recap

ILTA recently hosted a session on “Change Management Tools for Success” with Brianna Leung, Director of Strategy and Marketing, Much Law and Katie Davis, Senior Staff Training and Development Specialist, Perkins Coie, LLP and moderated by Rachel Shields Williams, Senior Manager, Experience Management, Sidley Austin LLP

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Change Management - It Can Be Done!

This past week members discussed change management and more...Change Management Every January many of us try to make changes

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To change or not to change? - Seeing the light of LPM

Embedding LPM is about achieving behavioural change. So what’s involved in trying to change what people do?...Recognize that this is a significant change management initiative

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Changing World, Changing Role - The Rise of the Tech-Savvy Marketer - Part Three

In the last year, the message has not changed, but the audience has become more receptive to the message

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Change Management Can Increase Adoption of New Legal Tools

Even the best new tools may fail unless you have a good change management program. In the last few years, chatter about change management in the legal profession has increased significantly. Why do we need change management?

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Enabling Organizational Change Through Strategic Initiatives

Successful implementation of strategic initiatives is critical for organizations to enable sustainable change. Change Enablers (organizations that are highly effective at organizational change management) demonstrate three practices that improve performance and help them gain a competitive advantage in the midst of today’s volatile global economy

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Change, Lawyers and LPM

Change is a tricky thing for most...But, what is project management for lawyers really?

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How Elements of Change Management Can Help in a Crisis

Co - authored by: Sharon Ford & Paul Duffy How Elements of Change Management Can Help in a Crisis We have heard that change is the new normal, but in a time of crisis, with increased uncertainty, some of the elements important in change management can help place structure around our response and provide a level of calm.

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Brief Roundtable Discussion Takeaway - Making Changes and How to Manage Them

Change management is important to lessen the impact of change. -Discussed change management experiences of all kinds – experiences with no change management where those involved hung on for the ride, ones with a lackluster change management plan that led to failure, and robust change management plans that were well thought out and led to success. -It was agreed that communication is the key to change management