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EDRM Industry Standards for Electronic Discovery

underway to establish standards for processing...baseline for processing ESI in today’s world...Processing Deduplication File...Processing Standards committee. Did you know

Knowledge Bank
E-Discovery Project Management Online Resources

certify any information, product, process...E-Discovery Project Management...EDRM: Electronic Discovery Reference Model

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Beyond eDiscovery--leveraging discovery tools across practices

that vexes many law firms. It is a process...process to eliminate most of the waste...solution in Aderant, this stopgap process has...Sweeney, Global Director E-Discovery &

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Session Review: E-Discovery Review Platform Selection - One Year Later

implementing a discovery review solution with three...workflows, processes and documentation about the...-discovery Review Platform Selection - One Year

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Our Journey – Selecting a Review Platform for Discovery

-discovery processing, Nuix Proof Finder...process. Our overall process was as follows...provide you with an insight into the process...process or solution is right for you. I

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2015 Already! e-Discovery Litigation Support - ready...set...let's go!

Support focus was on People, Process and...golden nugget blog emerged: E-Discovery...–– What’s in Your E-Discovery Budget? and...appropriately titled: Discovery Solutions

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E-Discovery/Litigation Support Certifications – Shedding Some Light (Part 3)

placement services within the E-Discovery...-Discovery, Information Governance, Forensics...working in E-Discovery. Have you seen a...increase in candidates with e-discovery and/or