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Considerations when securing your document management system

Believing that it is no longer sufficient to simply secure the network perimeter, these firms are locking down access to documents at the matter level...Are you securing types of documents by their classification or content?

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Vendor Governance to Integrate Teams and Document Management Systems

This is the third article in the series on Teams governance, addressing the challenges and benefits of Teams and Document Management Systems (DMS), including managing safeguards, classification, policies governance, and effective change management

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Offering secure access to Firm’s DMS content within Microsoft Teams conversation

Document Management – a rising challenge in the workplace For organizations, it has always been a challenge to execute internal as well as external document workflows efficiently. Nearly 83% of the knowledge workers lose or waste time each day on document collaboration issues. 1 “Simple tasks, including document creation, sharing, signing, and collaboration with clients and colleagues, can become challenging and significantly impact employee’s productivity. “ Document challenges are robbing organizations of around 21.3% of their overall employee productivity. 2 Ineffective document collaboration can have a significant business impact, as 81% of the knowledge workers found themselves working on the wrong version of a file. 3 Other than declined productivity, compromised security and eroded sustainability are the most common challenges associated with document management. Major reasons for productivity loss: Improper tools for handling document workflows Outdated document collaboration practices Existing file-sharing services Version management issues Document Management System – a solution for better workflow Document Management System (DMS) refers to an electronic system designed for capturing, organizing and managing documents

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Knowledge Management Sessions @ ILTACON

Monday 2:30 PM: In the Milano Ballrooms III & IV see “Considerations and Consequences: Moving to Cloud Document Management” #28, featuring: John D

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Populate Knowledge Management Repositories

Among the Knowledge Management (KM) community, one question we commonly hear is this: “How can I use artificial intelligence (AI) to populate KM repositories?”

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Knowledge Management As Educators

This blog is part of our “Foundations of Knowledge Management” and “The Evolving Role of Education” series. Knowledge Management (KM) professionals can play a vital, and often varied, role when it comes to delivering formal learning

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Project Management Tool Recap

Recently, our ILTA communities have seen an increase in traffic with searches for project management, legal project management, task management, tools, etc.

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A KM Lawyer’s Quick Guide to Document Assembly

So, allow me to share one Knowledge Management (KM) Lawyer’s recollections of her early days leading a document assembly initiative

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Collaboration at it's finest with Google

Collaboration among attorneys, their paralegals and secretarial staff is contained in our document management system but almost always, it ends up in collections of various versions, copies and dispersed virtual paper scattered about like a copy of copies like a mixed bag of nuts

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