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Choosing a document management system – the law firm’s perspective

Description Raue PartmbB and CLARIUS.LEGAL are very different law firms but when it comes to document management, they came to the same solution. Discover why they chose to search further afield for a best-of-breed document management system (DMS) and how they are still able to comply with regulatory requirements in respect of data privacy and security

 11-11-2020 | 15:00 - 16:30 GMT

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Considerations when securing your document management system

Believing that it is no longer sufficient to simply secure the network perimeter, these firms are locking down access to documents at the matter level...Are you securing types of documents by their classification or content?

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2010 October - Project Management

Not so long ago, project management was a relatively new concept floating around the legal IT world

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Focus Search - Document

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Knowledge Management Sessions @ ILTACON

Monday 2:30 PM: In the Milano Ballrooms III & IV see “Considerations and Consequences: Moving to Cloud Document Management” #28, featuring: John D

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2002-11 November - Knowledge Management

Likewise, Knowledge Management (KM) processes and software are among its greatest assets and challenges


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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Populate Knowledge Management Repositories

Among the Knowledge Management (KM) community, one question we commonly hear is this: “How can I use artificial intelligence (AI) to populate KM repositories?”

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2009 May - Litigation Support: Document Forensics and Legal Holds

Not surprisingly, this white paper reflects the combined efforts of ILTA's Litigation Support, Records Management and Law Department Peer Groups. The complexities of pending litigation can't be confined to one department in the firm or law department; processes, systems and well-trained people will contribute to the effective management of time and resources and the ultimate outcome


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What is a Digital Mailroom Built for Law Firms?

A digital mailroom built for a law firm needs to be integrated with the firm’s document management system (DMS) so that postal mail can be digitized and seamlessly delivered within the safe confines of the DMS