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ILTA Tip of the Week - Office Stationery

Applies To: Outlook 2010 Microsoft Outlook

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Outlook Macro to Show BCC Field for Print

Thanks to David Tobin who supplied this macro he found on the Internet that will allow the BCC field to be shown on a printout of an email. "We've been using this macro - found on the internet - works well" alt+f11 - Developer, add button, etc. Function GetCurrentItem() As Object Dim...

Blog Entry
Tip of the Week - Outlook - Quick Meeting Creation

You’re working in Word, and then you remember you need to send a meeting request to a co-worker. If you switch over to Outlook, you’ll get caught up in reading your e-mail and lose your train of thought in your Word document. SO - if Outlook is already running, just right-click the...

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2010 April - Microsoft: Making the Leap to Office 2010

Our authors deserve a standing ovation for delivering high-quality, relevant content that you’ll find in this year’s Microsoft white paper. Many thanks to Kara Portwood of Armstrong Teasdale LLP, Vice President of ILTA’s Microsoft Peer Group, for riding herd on the project. She provided...


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2011 (June) Peer to Peer - Law2020 - One Year In

ILTA’s Law2020® initiative is proving to be a real catalyst for thought-provoking content as we collectively anticipate and embrace the changes that are afoot in our firms and law departments. It’s an exciting time, and I am deeply appreciative of the many contributors who&rsquo...


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2014 (June) Peer to Peer - Law 2020: Future Horizons

We’ve got good reason to believe the legal profession will continue to experience turbulent seas and the need for superior captains and crew members, to say nothing of a top-notch navigation system. We set sail a few years ago, and we continue to chart a steady course toward a bright...


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2013 (June) Peer to Peer - Law2020: Emerging Careers

“Metamorphosis” is a lovely, evocative word. In the biological sense, it’s the extreme life-form changes of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. Such profound changes within the legal community drove the theme of this annual...

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2012 (June) Peer to Peer - Law2020®: Two Years and Counting

We’re watching the signs along the road to 2020. It seems like our journey has only begun, but our exit comes up in eight short years. With the landscape changing before our eyes and the possible curves in the road ahead, we must be watchful. We’ve chosen some great navigators to...

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2010 (June) Peer to Peer: Law2020

John Alber, Technology Partner at Bryan Cave, reached out to me within hours of the conclusion of last year’s ILTA conference to propose an in-depth look at the law firm of the future. His enthusiasm first reached my BlackBerry while I was awaiting my flight home. Fueled by his own passion...