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Data Privacy for Litigation Support Professionals

the ever-changing landscape of data...privacy and how you can maintain data security

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Focus Search - Data Privacy for Litigation Support

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Recap of ILTACON Data Privacy Sessions

minutes to ruminate on the two data privacy...Data Privacy: Everyone’s Getting In On It...Data Privacy: The anniversary of GDPR and

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But Wait… There’s More LegalSEC Summit 2015 - Day 1 Recap

Jurisdictional Data Privacy Challenges” by Matthew...Jurisdictional Data Privacy Challenges” attendees

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GDPR Readiness: Time is Short

and establishing a data privacy breach...cybersecurity and data privacy advisor to, data privacy and governance, risk

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Focus Search - ) Philosophical difference in approach to data privacy

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Leverage ISO Certifications to Demonstrate GDPR and NYDFS Cybersecurity Requirements Compliance

Article 24 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states that approved certification mechanisms may be used as an element by which to demonstrate compliance with the obligations of the controller. We will provide an overview of a standards-based framework law firms can use to...

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GDPR: How Do You Go About Getting Your Arms Around It and Move Forward?

provides certain data privacy rights and...defines data privacy as a basic human right...requirement for a data privacy policy made

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