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One Step Ahead of Uncertainty – GDPR and the Supplier IT Risk Landscape

and third-party relationships and look at...effectiveness and efficiency of Third Party debate whether Third Party Risk

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Focus Search -  regulatory impacts  surrounding Third Party

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Client and Matter Profiling That Matters

dashboards. After a look at third-party tools

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Focus Search - exported for indexing by a third-party search

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Simplify Client Audits with Proactive Compliance by Patrick Kohnle

" The number of compliance checklists for law firm technology systems and security procedures has ballooned. Law firms should implement proactive compliance to address, alter and audit internal security and operations as a requirement to do business with outside organizations." ...

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Buy or Build? Evaluating Options for KM & Related Technologies

identified, take time to research third-party...-house solution or pursue a third-party...third-party product does not offer? Are

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Data Analytics - Data Warehouse 101

across the organization and third-party...? Leveraging the power of internal as well as third...-party datasets, organizations can identify

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GDPR Readiness: Time is Short

awareness program, managing third-party risk

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Focus Search - to cover each new third party and each