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How-To: Who Knew?! - Use E-Discovery Software To Ingest Unstructured Content into Your DMS

Description: Have you ever been tasked with bringing files from network shares, My Documents folders and other out-of-control repositories into your document management system (DMS)? The greatest challenge is associating each file with the many pieces of meta data (author, matter, type of law)...

Who Knew - Use E-Discovery Software to Ingest Unstructured Content into Your DMS.mp3

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Exciting Advancements from iManage

Description: In this webinar, you'll learn about the latest advancements in iManage Work, Share and Mobility -- including a sneak peek at the upcoming version 9.4. Law, accounting and financial services firms have always faced urgent pressure to meet client demands for responsiveness,...


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On-Premises or SaaS? It Depends on Your Needs by Sue Keno

When moving from an on-premises document management system to a hosted solution, consider cost, deployment, integration, security and investment priorities for a successful transition. by Sue Keno #DMS #checklist #Strategy #host #EnterpriseContentManagement #Security ...