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Recap of ILTACON Data Privacy Sessions

Now that I’ve finally (mostly) cleared out my inbox post-ILTACON, I have a few minutes to ruminate on the two data privacy sessions I attended. Tuesday’s session, titled Data Privacy: Everyone’s Getting In On It , featured Michelle Merola as the moderator and panelists Lauren Doerries,...

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Data Analytics Dashboards, and the Tools Behind it

We all know data is valuable and in the legal world, we are flooded with data – not only with eDiscovery, but inside the firm environment as well. How can you turn your firm-level data one of your biggest assets? Data Analytic Dashboards. You’ve decided you want to implement and leverage...

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Peer to Peer - June 2015 - Data Analytics for Profitable Business Development by Toni Minick

"In business development, it is not only the relationships between individuals that matter, you also need to pay attention to the relationships between actions and outcomes." Data analytics can illustrate likely outcomes based on data from past and similar relationships and actions. by ...

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But Wait… There’s More LegalSEC Summit 2015 - Day 1 Recap

The 2015 LegalSEC Summit started at a fast pace with tweets about great content, well-attended sessions and lots to learn. Because not everyone can attend and even those attending cannot be everywhere at once, I am highlighting a few of the great moments from Day 1. Before sessions wrapped up...

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Challenges and Tips for E-Discovery in the Cloud by Robert Kirtley

"Electronic discovery in the cloud emerged several years ago and has evolved substantially since then… Some initial challenges presented by new technical terrain and old legal requirements for preserving data are now being met by new litigation support tools." by Robert...

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Four Principles of Responsible E-Discovery Data Management by Gillian Glass and Caroline Sweeney

"As electronic discovery professionals, we collect an enormous amount of data from our clients and then generate even more work product off of those data… Information governance principles can provide tremendous guidance in helping" e-discovery professionals determine what and...