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A Crash Course in Attorney Tech Audits

competence. Can your attorneys pass a tech audit...have taken the tech audit plunge, competency tips for firms of all sizes

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Focus Search - ATTORNEY TECH AUDITS #ILTA080 Bonnie L. Beuth

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But Wait . . . There’s More

security, the Legal Tech Audit and Windows 10...” LEGAL TECH AUDIT The Legal Tech Audit...the Legal Tech Audit. ILTA has produced

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Face Your Fears: Embracing Change in the Legal Environment

Many legal professionals have expressed fear in the face of an uncertain and tumultuous industry especially when it comes to advanced technology. The legal technology news forums/blogs and professional trade journals are declaring the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the wave of...

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Focus Search - | Tech Innovation Chair DENNIS C. GARCIA, ESQ

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Legal Operations: Different Approaches and Helpful Technology Tools

The rise of legal operations roles, processes and technologies in law is now a given. Sophisticated legal operations are changing the way law firms and legal departments manage their matters and make strategic decisions about litigation and deals. Join legal operations experts from a law firm...

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Focus Search - hanging fruit • Look for tech tools to help

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Extreme Makeover: Webinar Edition

Successful distance learning programs require specific technologies and presentation skills unique from traditional classroom training. Experience an extreme makeover of an existing webinar and discover the tools and technologies needed to make remote training engaging and effective. #ILTA175 ...

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Focus Search - STARTS… • Vocabulary • Tech Requirements

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Innovative Data Exchanges and Collaboration with Clients

Let’s face it – the need for collaboration is here to stay and the demand is going to keep increasing! As many of us know – if we don’t provide a methodology for our users to easily accomplish their collaboration goals – they will definitely go “rogue”...

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Focus Search - Interception  Audit Trails Notifications  Tamping

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A New Approach To Aligning the Objectives of Outside Counsel, In-House Legal and Corporate Business

The past few years has brought a lot of discussion about how to better align the interests of law departments and their outside counsel through alternative fee arrangements, but the discussions generally end there. What if there was an approach that aligned outside counsel and legal departments...

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Innovating Together: Building Partnerships Between Law Firms, Clients and Vendors

Instead of going it alone, many firms have found eager partners in clients and legal technology vendors to develop new and innovative products and services. Our panel of innovators will explore strategies and opportunities for cultivating those partnerships, dividing the work, sharing the costs,...

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Focus Search -  High-Tech Low-Tech Contract Express

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Automated Contract Review: Machine Learning Comes to Corporate Law

While technology-assisted review has been a mainstay in e-discovery for years, corporate contract review traditionally has been conducted with little assistance from technology. Following the recent boom in the development of contract review and analysis technologies, this paradigm is bound to...

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Focus Search - interested in the “cool tech” • Training data is

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Design Thinking Workshop: Solving Real Problems (Part 1 of 2)

In this two-part workshop, attendees will take a deep dive into the concepts of design thinking to solve a real problem experienced regularly by law firms and law departments. During part one, we will reintroduce design thinking as a methodology and a framework and engage in an ideation exercise...

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Focus Search - it comes to tech, that’s what we have a