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iManage - User Carry Adoption

At a recent ILTACON iManage Company Update, Work 10 user adoption methods were reviewed. Considering the large number of ILTA members utilizing or moving to iManage Work 10, the ILTA Technology Solutions Content Coordinating Team asked Missy McDonough, Strategic Business Partner Liaison for...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Best Practices - Information Security Communications That Connect

"Law firms typically have voluminous policy documents, often reviewed and rewritten by committees of lawyers… These policies are often written from a compliance perspective." Employees need policies communicated to them in a short and summarized format addressing their need. By Julia...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Feature - Avoid HR Document Compliance Risks

"If you have employees, you have to maintain personnel files. As soon as headcount reaches 15, federal guidelines dictate which documents you must retain and for how long. Now you are in the land of document management." By Gordon Rapkin #technologysupportservices #HR ...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Feature - Small Firms Need Security Too!

"As a small or midsize firm, you might think you are less vulnerable to security breaches, but taking the proper steps to secure data is just as important for the smallest firm as it is for the largest. Here are some low cost (and no cost) ways to bolster your security." By Nic Samodurov and...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Feature - Toning Up the Soft Underbelly

Law firms have become a favorite target for cybercriminals… The increase has many concerned that the legal profession could be earning a reputation as an easy mark for attackers." By Jack Danahy #technologysupportservices #Security #ITOperations #Strategy

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Feature - Have You Been Socially Engineered?

"Data breach stories are hitting closer and closer to home these days. There is a good chance you or someone you know has been a victim of a data breach or hack... Like a vault door, firewalls are useful in putting up barriers against network intrusions; however, sometimes people open the door...

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Peer to Peer - Winter 2015 Feature - Security: It's All Around Us!

"Law firm security. It used to be as simple as locking the document in the file cabinet and locking the door behind you. Now you have to think about things like encryption at rest and in transit. As our technology has advanced, so have our security-related issues." by Jeffrey Brandt ...

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Eight Tips for Using Technology to Persuade a Jury by Francis George

In the courtroom, "knowing the technology is available isn’t enough. It’s more important to know how to use the technology. Here are best practices and tips on how to use courtroom presentation technology in your favor." by Francis George #jury #bestpractices...